Old computer collection

I still have a few of the computers I had when I grew up, and some of them even work. But some of the computers I have used has just been lost in time. And then there is the computers I wanted when I grew up, but couldn't afford. This page links to some of the old computers I have got just for the fun of playing with old and vintage computers.

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A portable / luggable called an IMC Traveller 286.

A NCR 3150 laptop

A Commodore 128 home / personal computer, I also got a Commodore 1571 floppy drive for it.

Apple Macintosh SE/30 computer

A Marathon 32K home computer

A Sharp MZ-721 personal computer, Sharp Pocket Computer PC-E550,

I have collected quite a few items related to Norsk Data, find out more on the ND page.

I bought a Tandon TM848 E 8 inch floppy drive to read 8 inch floppies.

A Tiki 100 computer, bought on 2015-02-24.

3 x Intel SDK-86 boards and documentation, given to me on 2016-07-14.

a Cidco MailStation Mivo 100, bought from eBay, arrived at 2019-05-21.

Unix machines

Classic Unix workstations and Unix machines is something I enjoy.


vintage documentation page,

Various other computer related equipment.

Nullmodem cable, useful for FastLynx, Laplink etc.

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