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Just a page to collect whatever I do related to home automation.

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Hardware pages: Belkin F8T065, Nedis WIFIP121FWT3, Newsky TV28T, Sonoff RF Bridge 433 MHz, Telldus TellStick Duo,

Software pages: DomotiGa, gnuradio, Home Assistant, NetHomeServer, rtl_433, rtl-sdr,

project pages: plant watering monitor, 400 MHz sensor receiver via a Raspberry Pi B+,


HA links

AtHome, Domoticz, DomotiGa, fhem, Freedomotic, gnhast - Garbled's NetBSD Home Automation Scripting Tools, Home Assistant, HomeGenie, jHomeNet, Minerva, MisterHouse, OpenNetHome, OpenRemote, paus, SmartHome.py, WOSH Framework,

sensors - commercial

Clas Ohlson: 36-1797, 36-4441, Viking, Foogadgets - wireless multi sensor MK3,

Other links

bsac - brewing system automation controller, irmetermon, domus.Link, rfxcmd, wireless multi-sensor,


2022-03-28: HAN-port interface: esphome-p1reader looks interesting.

2021-08-09: I re-created this page on my self-hosted web server.

2015-03-21: phant looks interesting. It is the backend for analog.io as well (see this thread on 43oh forums).

2015-03-16: sensors used with the TellStick Duo: (output from tellcore_tool --list-sensors) In the freezer I have a sensor from Clas Ohlson (36-2953), it says "W. H. Mandolyn International" and "Typ.: WT540" on the back.

freezer (sensor id 11)
mandolyn        temperaturehumidity 11    2.3 C    0 %                                              2015-03-16 21:34:57
mandolyn        temperaturehumidity 11    -19.5 C  0 %                                              2015-03-16 22:09:57

inside the refrigerator I have a Viking Remote Thermo Sensor (340661) - Viking art nr: 02811.

refrigerator (sensor id 186)
fineoffset      temperature     186   7.9 C                                                     2015-03-16 21:35:50
fineoffset      temperature     186   7.0 C                                                     2015-03-16 22:10:15

2015-03-01: Clas Ohlson also have a Bluetooth-adapter v4.0 (38-5934) NOK 179.- no idea what chip it uses.

2015-02-28: at Expert today, I bought a Belkin Mini BT 4.0 adapter for NOK 169.- (Belkin: F8T065). The plan is to use it with my Home monitor project, to read the plant watering monitor.

2015-02-15: I should test Home Assistant, it is written in Python 3, perhaps it will run on a Raspberry Pi?

2013-09-07: I bought a TellStick Duo.

2013-01-20: I created this page.

2013-01-10: I bought a Newsky TV28T.