FPGAs and other programmable hardware

One of my interests is FPGAs and other programmable hardware. This page lists some of the things I have worked on in that area.

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Tools: IceStorm, Arachne-pnr, Yosys, Altera Quartus II, USB Blaster, Xilinx ISE,

Programming tools: OpenOCD, UrJTAG, xc3sprog,

Tutorials / courses: ZipCPU Verilog tutorials,

Projects: abc80, ao486, Apple-One, fpga-vt, minimig, multicomp, multicomp6809, Oberon, OneChipMSX,


Cypress CY8CKIT-049-41xx, CY8CKIT-049-42xx, CY8CKIT-059,

Tools: PSoC Creator,