Computing history

Over the years I have had my hands on a lot of different computers, both for work and for play, together with assorted programming languages. This page documents various information I have gathered and then found again.

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The first computer I owned was an Oric-1 48k from Tangerine Computer Systems. I still have it, and it still works.

Luxor ABC-80

I have a long history with the Commodore Amiga computers First I had A500, then A4000. I still have the A4000.

HP 5036A Microprocessor Lab,

HP 9826 used as an instrument and robot controller for automated test equipment.

Norsk Data's NORD line of computers used Tandberg TDV 2200 and TDV 1200 terminals. Pernille was a ND-Satellite/9 with 9 terminals, 512 Kbyte memory and a 21 Mbyte internal disk (Winchester), and a 5.25 inch floppy. The floppy discs where either SS/SD (capacity 148 pages = 296 kbyte) or DS/DD (capacity 610 pages = 1220 kbyte). Other ND computers I was in touch with was Frigg (a ND-100/CX), Balder (a ND-100), Nanna (a ND-500, the CPU was a 530, and it ran SINTRAN III VSX L), Tor (a ND-5500, which ran SINTRAN III VSX/500 L).

Programming languages

Assembly, on the NORD computers, Oric-1, Amiga and PC (under DOS)

BASIC, on the Oric-1, Amiga and PC (under DOS)

Fortran on the NORD computers,

Modula-2 on the Amiga, PC (under DOS),

Pascal, on the PC (Turbo Pascal under DOS)