Working with Nikola

Learning to work with Nikola, instead of against it. Sometimes it is better to go with the flow.

I admit it; I really don't like Python's "install for user", virtual envs and all that stuff. Maybe it is because I'm an old school system admin at heart, I like when programs and packages have been properly installed (as root) and then configured so that the relevant users are allowed to use them. This ... obsession often leads to me using unreasonable amounts of time on relatively simple tasks, like installing a program if there is no tool or description on how to do a install the proper way. So when I had decided to use Nikola, I also decided to try out the suggeted and documented way to install it.

So in it ~/.venv it went, and it was not so bad. The biggest change for me is that I needed to start a different shell (I normally use /bin/sh on FreeBSD) before activating the Python virtual env that let me use nikola. My work flow goes like this:

tingo@kg-core2$ csh
% cd ~/personal/projects/nikola
tingo@kg-core2:~/personal/projects/nikola % source ~/.venv/nikola/bin/activate.csh 
[nikola] tingo@kg-core2:~/personal/projects/nikola %

And that I can live and work with.