Deployment with Nikola

I now have manual deployment working. So now I set up a series of deployment commands in and try the out

    'default': [
        'cd output; git add .',
        'cd output; git commit -q -m "content added"',
        'cd output; git push web',

Will it work? Update: yes it works nicely. Nikola scores again!

Some caveats: if files (and directories) are deleted from your output directory, the deploy command above will not catch (and fix) that situation. I this case you'll need to manually go into the output directory and do a 'git rm' on relevant files / directories, then commit the changes. Also, if you try to do a nikola deploy when nothing needs updating, nikola will report that deployment failed - this is harmless.

2021-06-29 update: doing deployment when logged from a remote machine (via ssh) also works, I just have to input the passphrase for the ssh key every time.

And if I start ssh-agent manually, and add keys to it, I can probably deploy without being asked for the passphrase every time. Update: yes, that works. Cool.