Tandberg TDV 1200 terminal

Tandbergs TDV 1200 was the successor to TDV 2200 and a popular computer terminal in the 1980s and 1990s.

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Norsk Data

title, publication no. language, ref. to product no.

1200 Display Terminal Brukerhåndbok,             812045.2 NO, 110140
1200 Display Terminal Operator Guide,            812045.2 EN, 110140
1200 Display Terminal Functional Specifications, 812054.1 EN, 110140


TDV1200 Field Service Manual


Terminals wiki - Tandberg TDV 1200


2020-07-12: from my old notes, we worked on the TDV 1200/1 which had

Alpha Emulator 12.1
Graphics Emulator 10.0
Keyboard 03.0
it could do
ECMA-48 / ANSI X3.64 Emulation

2020-07-12: from the pictures, this terminal has

967041 Processor board - revision level 11.5
967002 Power / deflection - revision level 17.5
967001 Videoboard - revision level 13.2
967300 Character PROM / RAM - revision level --
967200 Alpha Emulator Software - revision level 01.0
967x59 Address decoder - revision level 01.0
967027 Line A standard - revision level 0
- no Graphics board (967008)

2020-07-09: build night at Bitraf - I took out the processor board and took pictures of it, which I uploaded to the Tandberg TDV 1200 page on Terminals wiki. I also powered on the terminal, and for a brief moment there was some video on the CRT (looked like it has trouble with the vertical deflection, and the lights on the keyboard (Num Lock, Caps Lock) responded when corresponding keys were pressed. Tried a few more times to power it on - most of the times it sounded like the switch mode power supply couldn't start. On the final try (for tonight) the circuit breaker tripped. But now I know it is the power board at least.

2019-10-04: put the pictures of the power board on the Tandberg TDV 1200 page on Terminals wiki.

2019-10-03: took out the power board and took some pictures of it. Didn't find time to measure any capacitors or other components on the board.

2019-09-27: I got a Tandberg TDV 1200 terminal from a friendly swede. Currently the terminal is not working - it needs to be repaired. We checked the power board - mains voltage gets to the board, but it sounds like it is trying to start, fails and reties again all the time. the main board has a battery on it, the battery still have a voltage of 2.7V.