Dell Precision 5560 - Windows 10

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The first nvme ssd has Windows on it

tingo@torfinn-precision5560:~$ sudo parted /dev/nvme0n1 print
Model: PC711 NVMe SK hynix 1TB (nvme)
Disk /dev/nvme0n1: 1024GB
Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/512B
Partition Table: gpt
Disk Flags: 

Number  Start   End     Size    File system  Name                          Flags
 1      1049kB  253MB   252MB   fat32        EFI system partition          boot, esp
 2      253MB   387MB   134MB                Microsoft reserved partition  msftres
 3      387MB   1022GB  1021GB               Basic data partition          msftdata
 4      1022GB  1023GB  1038MB  ntfs                                       hidden, diag
 5      1023GB  1024GB  1473MB  ntfs                                       hidden, diag


2022-12-13: another round of trouble with Teams and Outlook. I moved the laptop from my docking to standalone (WiFi was already connected, so no network issues) it worked for a long time (one hour +) then both Outlook and Teams are not connected to their servers. Other programs (web browsers, ping, etc) still works across the network. Outlook shows "Trying to connect..." on the status line, Teams asks me to sign in, but just shows the 2signing in..." message a while then asks me to sign in again. Qutting Teams and starting it again gets me the "We ran into a prolem. Reconnecting..." message quickly. Outlook can be stopped File, Exit, but the notification icon on the taskbar / status line in win10 still shows, I have to "End task" from Task Manager. Starting Outlook again, it still says "Trying to connect..." on the status line. Oh well. Restart the machine, and the problem goes away.

2022-12-02: docking - annoying problem. I use the machine with a Thunderbolt dock (Dell WD19TBS), which is easy, just one usb-C cable and the laptop gets external power, wired networking, two external monitors and a usb keyboard. The "starting the day" procedure is: connect the usb-C cable from the docking station to the usb-C port closest to the back edge on the left side of the laptop, then open the lid, this powers on the laptop and all things work. I unplug the laptop for meetings and work elsewhere. Problem: when I go from undocked to docked again, sometimes the nettwork in the docking station isn't working, and very often (almost always) the usb keyboard doesn't work. I have to reboot the machine to have full functionality - this is very annoying!

2022-11-21: git complained that it could not write to files in .git/objects/c0/... when I tried a git add file. Turns out that the problem is with Onedrive, if I open the .git/objects/c0 in powershell and try to do 'ls' or 'dir' on it, I get the error message "Location not found – The tag present in the reparse point buffer is invalid.". Fixing it involves running chkdsk c: /r /f from an admin powershell, answering yes to run chkdsk on next reboot and rebooting the machine. after it finished and windows had restarted, 'git add ...' worked again.

2022-11-14: sometimes, when I first boot the machine, Outlook is unable to connect to the server ("trying to connect ..."). Closing and re-starting Outlook doesn't help, I have to restart the machine.

2022-11-02: for a few days now, the folder windows (explorer) are not restored on logon, even if the setting (View, Options, Folder Options, View, "Restore previous folder windows at logon") is selected. I've tried turnning it off and on again (with "apply" in between) that doesn't help. I also tried dism and sfc /scannow from Restore previous folder windows at logon not working like so (as Administrator)

[C:\Windows\system32] # dism /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool
Version: 10.0.19041.844

Image Version: 10.0.19045.2130

[==========================100.0%==========================] The restore operation completed successfully.
The operation completed successfully.

and sfc

[C:\Windows\system32] # sfc /scannow

Beginning system scan.  This process will take some time.

Beginning verification phase of system scan.
Verification 100% complete.

Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files and successfully repaired them.
For online repairs, details are included in the CBS log file located at
windir\Logs\CBS\CBS.log. For example C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\CBS.log. For offline
repairs, details are included in the log file provided by the /OFFLOGFILE flag.

even though sfc found and fixed stuff, it didn't help - explorer windows are not restored at logon. Bummer.

2022-10-27: Outlook didn't connect to the server (this has happened a few times before). It seems that the easiest "fix" is to just restart the machine. Ugh.

2022-09-27: OneDrive didn't sign in, so I had to quit and restart the program.

2022-09-21: bluetoooth - the bluetooth service stopped suddenly, the Bluetooth icon in the task bar / action center disappeared. Restarting the "Bluetooth Support Service" from services.msc didn't help, I had to reboot the machine.

2022-07-07: when I tried to shutdown the machine before ending the workday, the power entry on the start menu didn't work. The Sleep, Shut down, Restart entries didn't show up. I had to go to the lock screen and use the power menu there.

2022-06-28: external keyboard - this morning the external keyboard worked - everywhere.

2022-06-27: bios - verified settings. Under Integrated devices: Enable External USB Port = on, Enable USB Boot Support = on, Enable Thunderbolt Boot Support = on. Change setting, under Pre-boot Behaviour: Fastboot = Thorough (was Minimal).

2022-06-27: usb docking - after restarting the machine, display 3 (right side of desk, connected via HDMI) didn't work. I had to unplug and plug the usb docking to get it working. End result: the cable (Displayport to HDMI) was bad, replaced with a Displayport - Displayport cable.

2022-06-27: external keyboard - this morning it did work to enter the Bitlocker password. After that it didn't work at all, not before logging in to windows, and not after logging in. Unplugging, trying different usb ports on the usb docking - no effect. I had to restart the machine to get it working.

2022-05-20: external keyboard - worked at boot today as well.

2022-05-18: external keyboard - this morning it works. Maybe it only works at power on?

2022-05-16: external keyboard - and this morning it works again. Reboot, install updates - now it is not working again. Crap!

2022-05-13: the article 000141123 looks relevant for the external keyboard. Checked in BIOS: USB Boot Support was on, External USB Port was on, Thunderbolt Boot support was off, I changed it to on. rebooted, the external keyboard still doesn't work until after Windows login. Oh well.

2022-05-13: external keyboard - more testing. Tried all usb ports on the docking station - doesn't help, no caps lock LED, no keys working. Tried reversing the usb-C connector from the docking station - doesn't help. As soon as I have logged into win10 (using laptop keyboard) the caps lock LED on the external keyboard comes on and the keys starts working. Annoying.

2022-05-12: the external keyboard (which is plugged into an usb port in the docking station) has stopped working at boot (the login screen). No caps lock LED, and no keys are working. After I log into win10 (using the laptop keyboard) the caps lock LED comes on and the keyboard starts working.

2022-03-04: After lunch, the machine suddenly froze. I wasn't doing anything special at the time. The machine was frozen solid, not even the caps lock key and LED was working. I had to forcibly power off using the power button. after restart, everything is normal, and I can't find anything relevant in logs (event viewer).

2022-02-13: I created this page.