Dell Precision 5560

Product: Dell Precision 5560 Mobile workstation

  • cpu: Intel Core i7-11850H @ 2.50 GHz, 8 cores
  • memory: 64 GB - 2 x 32GB SODIMM DDR4
  • graphics - integrated: Intel
  • graphics - discrete: nVidia
  • display: 1920x1200
  • storage:
  • network - wired: none
  • network - wireless: Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX201
  • bluetooth:
  • camera:
  • keyboard:
  • battery:
  • power adapter:
  • bios: version 1.10.1

docking station

  • docking station: WD19TBS - Dell Thunderbolt Dock
  • network - wired: Realtek USB GbE Family Controller

BIOS keys: F2 - BIOS, F12 - boot menu,

OS: Debian, Windows,

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Precision 5560, WD19TBS,

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Lenovo ThinkVision T27h-20,

History / work log

2024-04-18: BIOS updated to 1.28.0 via Dell Command Update.

2024-03-18: BIOS updated to 1.27.0 via Dell Command Update.

2024-01-19: BIOS updated to 1.26.0 via Dell Command Update.

2024-01-02: BIOS updated to 1.25.0 via Dell Command Update.

2023-08-21: BIOS updated to 1.22.0 via Dell Command Update.

2023-07-24: BIOS updated to 1.21.0 (via Dell Command update). After the update (and reboots) I had to reinstall Dell Command Update (via Run as Administrator) for some reason.

2023-06-20: BIOS updated to 1.20.1 (via Dell Command update).

2023-04-20: BIOS updated to 1.19.0 (via Dell Command update).

2023-03-24: BIOS updated to 1.18.0 (via Dell Command update).

2023-01-18: BIOS updated to 1.17.0 (via Dell Command update).

2022-11-29: BIOS updated to 1.15.2 (via Dell Command update).

2022-09-19: BIOS updated to version 1.13.0 (via Dell Command update).

2022-08-29: BIOS updated to version 1.12.0 (via Dell Command update).

2022-07-18: BIOS updated to version 1.11.0 (via Dell Command update). External keyboard - it only works after power on, if you restart the machine (example: BIOS / win updates) the external keyboard does work until after win login.

2022-07-05: BIOS updated to version 1.10.1 (via Dell Command Update). after the update, I had to power off / on the machine to get the external keyboard working before windows login again. Oh well, I can live with that.

2022-04-27: BIOS updated to version 1.9.0 (via Dell Command Update).

2022-04-27: WD19TBS firmware updated to 01.00.24 (via Dell command Update).

2022-03-16: BIOS updated to version 1.8.0 (via Dell Command Update).

2022-02-13: I created this page on my self hosted web server.

2022-02-13: I installed a Samsung 980 nvme SSD in the left slot by following the service manual.

2022-01-27: BIOS updated to version 1.7.0 (via Dell Command Update).