Apple PowerBook G4 - OS X

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This machine runs Mac OS X 10.5.x.

Work log

2021-09-19: I booted into OS X to see if Silverfast is installed on this machine (it is). Unfortunately, the program refuses to start when it can't find a scanner, so no more info to provide.

2014-01-07: I installed Wireshark 1.8.12 PPC 32 (newest version for PPC) to see if I can use it to collect usb dumps from my film scanner, a Plustek OpticFilm 7600i. Unfortunately, Wireshark on OS X doesn't support usb sniffing. It looks like a usb sniffing tool is missing from OS X, at least I could find one.

2014-01-07: software update. Updated "AirPort-verktøy" (AirPort-tools?) to version 5.6.1. I didn't update iTunes (version 10.6.3 is available).

2012-09-11: using a ssh file system: following this article, I installed MacFUSE, Macfusion 2.0.4, and a newer sshfs. After unpacking sshfs-static-leopard, I had to run 'chmod +x' on it before OS X would recognize it as a program. Anyway, after that, Macfusion works.

2012-03-16: software update. Updated Safari (5.0.6), "Overføringsassistent" (1.0). I didn't update iTunes (version 10.6 is available). A restart was required.

2011-07-09: software update again. Updated Safari (5.0.5), Airport-tools (5.5.3), Java updated plus security updates. I didn't update iTunes (I don't use it). No changes to base software as far as I can tell.

2011-03-26: I ran software update again. Just program updates, no change to base software (that I can detect at least).

2011-01-16: I did the software update thing again. Just program updates, no changes to base software that I am able to detect.

2009-09-12: Currently, the OS X version is 10.5.7 (9J61). A software update brought it up to 10.5.8 (9L31a).

2009-03-07: The machine came with OS X (Norwegian) installed, the 10.5 aka "Leopard" version.