plant watering monitor

Project: plant watering monitor

inspired by the Green project at Bitraf.

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Links: Blend Micro, Bitraf Green Card, soil moisture board, Arduino code, Android app, ble-toys,

Work log

2021-08-11: I re-created this page on my self-hosted web server.

2015-02-26: build night at Bitraf again. This time I managed to actually solder up the pcb (prototype v2) of the Soil moisture card from Trygve, and (with help from Trygve) got the code for the Blend Micro running. Next, download the app "soil moisture" from Play store and test it. It works - yay!

2015-02-19: went to build night at Bitraf to hopefully meet people from the Green Card project, and discuss details. Luckily, I met Trygve, and he filled me in on some details on the pcb I got. Layout for the Blend Micro is mirrored (look for the Aref pins), moisture sensors are connected directly to the card (sensors with built in circuits and digital outputs are of no use), use a 3 V battery, fix the Arduino code before using it (remove the wait for serial in the setup),

2015-01-29: at Bitraf, I met some people from the Green project, and ended up getting a printed circuit board for a prototype of a card similar green card. Thie is a shield (or baseboard) for the Blend Micro made by Trygve, which allows you to connect up to 4 simple moisture sensors to analog pins on the Arduino, with reporting via Bluetooth to an Android app. Very cool.