Fitbit inspire 2

Model: Fitbit inspire 2, black

firmware version: 53.20001.124.76 (was:53.20001.124.28, was:53.20001.98.16)

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2024-06-01: apps - update to Fitbit 4.14-mobile-110045073-617559692,

2024-01-20: apps - update to Fitbit 4.08.fitbit-mobile-110025801-593433847,

2023-09-20: apps - update to Fitbit 4.00.fitbit-mobile-40079041-565468374,

2023-09-20: firmware - the proposed firmware update has now vanished. I guess that answers my question.

2023-08-20: firmware - the app reports that there is a new firmware update for the tracker. Still trying to finfd out if this update is worth it, or if there are "bad experience" reports for it.

2023-06-12: tracker - the tracker won't sync for a few days now. I've tried: force quit Fitbit app, turn bluetooth off and on - no help. Rebooting the tracker via the settings menu - didn't help. Later - it did eventually sync, but it took around 30 minutes to do so.

2023-06-12: apps - update to Fitbit 3.82.fitbit-mobile-38251031-533196116,

2023-05-01: apps - update to Fitbit 3.80.fitbit-mobile-38047011-522170508,

2023-02-25: firmware update - I'm doing the firmware update now. The app says it will take 30 minutes. A red line growing right in the app, and a white line growing right on the tracker. The one on the tracker is slower, the app already says "installation in progress". After a while it finishes. Smiley face on the tracker and syncining in the app. The app reports firmware version 53.200001.124.76 now.

2023-02-25: apps - update to Fitbit 3.75.fitbit-mobile-37550021-506044250,

2023-01-16: apps - update to Fitbit 3.72.fitbit-mobile-32768001-489775908,

2022-12-08: apps - update to Fitbit 3.71.fitbit-mobile-37141031-487336871,

2022-08-30: this evening , the Fitbit app annouced a firmware update for my Inspire 2. Before I upgrade, the firmware version is 53.2001.124.28. Battery is at 35%, which is too low (the update process says it wants 40%), so I must charge it before updating. This forum thread is interesting. Hmm, there are more threads like it in the forum. I do not want a dead Inspire 2, perhaps I should not update.

2022-07-02: apps - update to Fitbit 3.62,

2022-05-14: Withings data - I noticed that data from my Withings scale hadn't been updated in the Fitbit app since Feb 8th. I logged into my fitbit account, and went to - it showed that my Withings account was not linked. Hm. I fixed that, tried to use the "download data" it still hangs at "Downloading data from Withings. Please wait..." but if I check the dashboard or the app, the data from the scale is there. So its good for now.

2022-03-09: battery low again in the evening, so I charged the tracker.

2022-02-22: battery low (20%) this evening, so I charged the tracker again.

2022-02-06: this evening the app said "low" (23%) for the tracker, so I put it on charger.

2022-02-02: a few days ago, I noticed that I stopped getting Withings data in my Fitbit app. so today I logged into my fitbit account, and went to - it showed that my Withings account was not linked. Hm. So I fixed that and also downloaded data from Withings for good measure.

2022-01-22: today the app said "low" (23%) for the tracker, so I put it on charger.

2021-10-24: this evening the tracker showed 14% battery left, so I put in on charger.

2021-10-09: this morning the app said "low" (20%) about the battery on the tracker, so I put in (tracker) on charger. That is 14 days on a charge - not bad.

2021-09-24: tracker firmware update: the tracker came with firmware version 53.20001.98.16. I started the update, the app found the tracker and said that the update would take at least 30 min (what?), there is a progress bar in the app, and also on the display on the tracker - nice. After some time (30 mins?) the display on the tracker went dark, after a few more minutes it showed a check mark, then the tracker started working normally. Still the update firmware page in the app says that firmware update is still in progress if I try to navigate away. Oh well. Finally (after about an hour) the update firmware page in the app says "Done!". After updating the other pages, my tracker now has firmware version 53.20001.124.28.

2021-09-24: back home, I first updated the app (see below), then I changed wristband to the longer one (the short one was just shy of being long enough) and put the tracker on charger. It was at 16%, but climbed quickly - in about half an hour it is at about 55%. I set up the device in the Fitbit app, it wanted to update the tracker, but that failed as the battery level was below 40%. Let me try it now.

2021-09-24: My Flex died, so I went looking for something to replace it. Since I'm already used to the Fitbit app, I looked into other models from them. The lightest, smallest one available was the Fitbit inspire 2. Bought one at Elkjøp Glasmagasinet, at outlet-price NOK 756.- the black model.

2021-09-24: apps - update to Fitbit 3.47,