FPGA project - minimig-de1

Project: testing out minimig-de1 on the DE1 board

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robinsonb5/minimig-de1, rkrajnc/minimig-de1,

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cnvogelg amitools, fs-uae-tools, minimig_tc64, romdisk, cahirwpz amigaos-cross-toolchain, amigaos-dev-toolkit, keirf/Amiga-Stuff,

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openrisc.io, librecores.org,



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c1, e1, Altera Quartus II Fedora, FreeBSD,


2021-10-03: I re-created this page on my self-hosted web server.

2018-09-16: I also cloned rkrajnc's minimig-de1 repository. Local directory:

tingo@kg-core1$ pwd

try to compile

Error (12006): Node instance "ctrl_rom" instantiates undefined entity "ctrl_boot" File: /zs/tingo/personal/projects/fpga/altera/C2/de1/rkrajnc/minimig-de1/rtl/ctrl/ctrl_top.v Line: 461

needs more work

2018-09-16: I cloned AMR's mimimig-de1 repository and went for a test compile. Failed:

Error (127001): Can't find Memory Initialization File or Hexadecimal (Intel-Format) File ../../fw/ctrl_boot/bin/ctrl_boot.mif for ROM instance  File: /zs/tingo/personal/projects/fpga/altera/C2/de1/robinsonb5/minimig-de1/rtl/ctrl/ctrl_boot.v Line: 81
Error (12152): Can't elaborate user hierarchy "ctrl_top:ctrl_top|ctrl_boot:ctrl_rom|altsyncram:altsyncram_component|altsyncram_mmd1:auto_generated" File: /home/tingo/progs/altera/13.0sp1/quartus/libraries/megafunctions/altsyncram.tdf Line: 791

and I don't have or32-elf-gcc on my FreeBSD workstation, I can't generate the necessary code.