A KIM-1 replica

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2021-08-30: I re-created this page on my self-hosted web server.

2014-11-13: testing. I connect the usb-ttl cable again, and the Kim Uno powers up. A bit of testing later, both from the local keys and from the serial terminal - the Kim Uno works.

2014-11-13: soldering. First the switches (24), then the 1k resistors (eight), the 2.4k resistors (three), the pin headers for the Arduino Pro Mini (2 x 12 pins + 2 x 2 pins), the LED display (2 x 4-digit 3461BS blocks), finally I solder the Arduino Pro Mini.

2014-11-13: testing the Arduino Pro Mini. I'm using a PL2303HX cable from fastTech (SKU 1453501), with cable layout: black - GND, red - VCC, green - TXD, white - RXD. The pins on the Arduino Pro Mini ( top side up, connector to the left) from bottom to top are: blk, GND, VCC, RXD, TXD, grn. Connecting the Arduino Pro Mini to the usb-ttl cable makes a red LED and a green LED light up on the Arduino Pro Mini. I then start "Serial Port terminal" (gtkterm) and connect to /dev/ttyUSB0, 9600, 8N1 and get a row of 6 zeros, constantly refreshed. I hit tab, and get into serial terminal mode:

                        Serial Terminal Mode        
0000 00


2014-10-09: inventory. Kit contents:

1 x PCB labeled KIM Uno
2 x 20 pin headers (single row)
24 x pushbuttons (and one spare pushbutton)
1 x slide switch (for power on / off)
8 x 1 kohm resistors
3 x 2.4 kohm resistors
2 x 4-digit LED 7-segment display (3461BS)
1 x Arduino Pro mini

so all components are present - the kit is complete.

2014-10-09: today the package arrived in my mailbox. Yes!

2014-10-02: Oscar sent a mail stating that the package was shipped.

2014-10-01: I ordered one KIM Uno kit, with no extras. The kit cost USD 10,- shipping was USD 15.- and finally USD 1.50 to cover PayPal costs. A total of USD 26.50 which was NOK 178.16.

2014-09-30: I sent a message through the web site, about ordering a KIM Uno kit.