Dymo LabelManager PC

The LabelManager PC is a label printer, made by Dymo. It has a usb port (usb 1.1), and a separate power supply (external brick, 9V DC, 1.3 A). On the front of the printer is a status light (LED?) that is red when the printer is turned on but not ready (not connected for example) and turns green when the printer is ready. The printer requires Windows (98, 2000, Me or XP) according to Dymo.

The status light colors have these meanings (from the manual):

green                       - normal
solid red                   - no usb connection
flashing red                - motor is jammed
alternating red and green   - communications error
no light                    - no power

Labels: the printer uses Dymo D1 tapes.


dylol: Dymo LMPC/-2 On Linux, pbm2lwxl, dymoprint,

Note: do not confuse this printer with the LabelManager PC2, which is a different product, supposedly with Linux support.

Usage: I'm currently using this with a win98 virtual machine, running in VirtualBox on a 32-bit Xubuntu host. It is important that the host is 32-bit; I tried a 64-bit host, but usb communication to the printer didn't work then.

Testing with: FreeBSD, Linux,

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2012-04-16: Now Dymo have a model called LabelManager PNP (support info). It is "plug and play" on Windows and OS X (10.4 or newer), according to Dymo. They don't mention Linux. Perhaps dymoprint is required? There is an SDK for Linux.

2012-04-09: used the last of a yellow (black on yellow) 12mm tape today. Switched to a 12mm black on red tape.