Texas Instruments TI-83

TI-83. calculator with a Z80.

ROM version: 1.10

special keys: [MODE] [ALPHA] [S] - ROM version


Links: ticalc.org, serial link cable, PICLink cable, TI-Basic Developer, TI-Velocity, TiLP, WikiTI, Programming under Unix-like operating systems,


2022-06-28: If it had been a TI-83+, I could have run KnightOS on it. Oh well.

2013-09-21: rounded navigation buttons without "dents" suggest that the calculator was made in 1999. ROM version (press [MODE] [ALPHA] [S]) is 1.10.

2013-09-21: today at an old market (Ekeberg Høstmarked) I bought a TI-83 including manual for NOK 50.- no link cable, but still a good deal. It looks to be an original TI-83, not a TI-83 Parcus, because mine has the grey screen border.When I got home I found out that one of the battery contacts had a bit of corrosion on it, but that was easily cleaned off. Put in batteries, and it works.