Stack C289 Intelligent Programmer

This is a Gang Programmer for (E)PROM chips. It can can program up to eight chips at once, using a master chip, or data transferred via the serial interface.


  • Stack C289 Intelligent Programmer, Hardware issue 1.04, Software issue 3.0
  • Serial number: ST 910003
  • cpu: RCA 1802 - RCA CDP1802BCE (the chip has a label "tested 25/07/91", "PMA" and "REV 5").
  • EPROM: Intel D27513 - 512K EPROM (the label says ST920014, V3.0, AH6B (or A46B), 25/7/91, PMA)
  • UART: CDP1854ACEX (label says Serial No: 0148, ST910001)

Stack no longer produces PROM programmers.


2010-07-18: I connected a straight serial cable (25-pin to 9-pin) to the serial interlace, and to a usb-to-serial adapter on my workstation (FreeBSD), and then issued cu -l /dev/cuaU0 -s9600 (the interface was set for 9600 bps, 8-N-1). After powering up, the programmer prints:

Stack C289 Version 3.0  552 Kbytes RAM being initialised

and waits for commands to be input. The programmer undetstands the following commands, according to the manual (abbreviation in CAPS):

BLank -  Checks devices in copy sockets are unprogrammed.
CAlculate - Transmits difference between 2 addresses.
CHecksum - Transmit 4 hex digit checksum for stored data in RAM.
COmbine - Combines odd and even byte blocks into single data block.
DEvice - Selects device code.
DIsplay - Displays data stored in RAM via RS-232 in fixed format.
DUmp - Transmits data in RAM via interface in selected format.
EDit - Invokes integral data editor.
ERase - Blanks locations of the devices (applies to EEPROMS).
FIll - Stores hex byte into locations in RAM.
FOrmat - Selects data format used for input / output via RS-232.
INvert - Stores 1's complent of data in RAM.
LOad - Reads data from RS-232 in selected format into RAM.
MOve - Copies blocks of data from one area of RAM to another.
ORigin - Specifies the address at which internal RAM starts.
PRogram - Blank checks devices, programs and verifies them from RAM.
REad - Copies data from master or copy sockets to RAM.
SPlit - Separates odd and even bytes of data into 2 blocks.
VErify - Compares copy devices with RAM.
WRite - programs copy devices with data in RAM.

2009-10-17: I got the programmer, along with the manual and an UV eraser. Sadly, the eraser tray is missing.