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Tandberg SLR7 info, SLR - Scalable Linear Recording,


2012-06-05: Today, a friend gave me a Tandberg SLR7 tape drive (internal) for free. With the drive was an adapter to a 50-pin SCSI connector, a 50-pin cable with 4 connectors, and a total of four tapes, still in shrink wrap. Two of the tapes are Imation SLRtape 24 / SLR24 (24 GB compressed, 12 GB uncompressed), while the other two are Imation SLRtape60 (60 GB compressed, 30 GB uncompressed). Nice gift. The specifics of the Tandberg SLR7 drive is: ITEM no: 6620, MAN. DATE: 4301, FIRMWARE: 9650030 0550. The drive is untested for now. The system interface is SCSI-3, Multimode Wide Ultra (SE)/ Ultra2 (LVD).