Compaq Armada 1580DMT

I can't remember when and where I got this Compaq Armada 1580DMT laptop. * cpu: Pentium / P55C @ 150 Mhz * memory: 32 MB * disk: 2 GB ide disk drive - IBM DTNA-22160 A50GF0 * optical drive: CD-ROM - UJDCD8700/16SI * floppy drive: 1.44MB 3.5 inch, in dual bay on the left side * LCD: 800x600, 12.1 inch TFT * video: Cirrus Logic FW82371EB GUI-Accelerated XGA/SVGA LCD Controller * sound: ? * PCMCIA / PC Card: 2 slots, TI PCI1132 PC Card CardBus Controller * usb: no usb on this machine * bios: * how to enter bios: * boot:

More info about this machine: FreeBSD on Armada 1580DMT.

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2019-03-28: perhaps I can connect the hard drive to another machine (via usb to PATA adapter) and use debootstrap to install Debian on it? Or multistrap? See also CroosDebootstrap. The Grml live CD also looks interesting - but it requires 384 MB RAM as a minimum..

2019-03-24: tried to start the Debian installer from a CD written from the debian-8.11.1-i386-xfce-CD-1.iso image. The CD boots, but when I start the installer it panics while loading systemd - "no space left on device". I also wrote a CD with the image debian-8.11.1-i386-netinst.iso, but it had the same problem.

2019-03-24: I found the floppy drive too. It sits in the dual bay on the left side.