Nokia N900

Model: N900

  • os: Maemo 5
  • chipset: TI OMAP 3430
  • cpu: Cortex-A8, 600 MHz
  • GPU: PowerVR SGX530
  • memory: 256 MB RAM
  • storage - internal: 256 MB NAND, 32 GB eMMC
  • storage - external: microSD, up to 16 GB
  • display: 3.5 inch TFT resistive touchscreen, 65K colors, 800 x 480
  • SIM: Mini-SIM
  • keyboard: QWERTY, physical
  • Network - mobile: GSM / HSPA
  • Network - wlan: 802.11 b/g
  • Bluetooth: v2.1, A2DP

OS testing: pmOS,

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Links: GSMArena - Nokia N900, Wikipedia - Nokia N900, - talk, - Maemo Development Environment downloads, latest official firmware, more links: postmarketOS, postmarketOS, Nokia N900,


2017-07-26: install - U-Boot with kernel 2.6.28-omap1 2013.04-2. If I now boot with keyboard open, I get to u-boot menu (and console). Nice. Booting with keyboard closed - boots Maemo "normally".

2017-07-26: upgrades - installed Maemo 5 Community SSU Package 21.2011.38-15maemo8, Famoush's BootMenu 1.14, Community SSU Enabler 0.7-5,

2015-12-30: ssh - I can ssh as root (with my password):

[tingo@kg-u35jc ~]$ ssh root@
root@'s password: 
Last login: Tue Dec 29 13:36:31 2015 from

BusyBox v1.10.2 (Debian built-in shell (ash)
Enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands.




Nokia-N900-51-1:~# uname -a
Linux Nokia-N900-51-1 2.6.28-omap1 #1 PREEMPT Fri Aug 6 11:50:00 EEST 2010 armv7l unknown


2015-12-29: I installed CSSU and Maemo 5 Community SSU package. Version: 21.2011.38-1Smaemo7. I also installed rootsh, to gain root just use 'root' in terminal.

2015-12-29: backup - using backupmenu (boot with keyboard open, select from menu) I created a backup of rootfs + optfs and stored it on the microSD card. Backup name: 20151229-1037.

2015-12-29: I installed a 32 GB SanDisk (Ultra) MicroSD card.

2015-12-29: Following the Community SSU wiki page, I installed backupmenu.

2015-12-29: the phone runs Maemo 5, version 21.2011.38-1. This is PR1.3.1, the latest from Nokia.

2015-12-12: was at a party at a friends house. He had an old Nokia N900 phone - and gave it to me. Wow, a great gift.