Moto G7 - 2019 archive

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2019 archive.

2019-12-31: system update - PPOS29.114-134-7 Android security updates up to 1 December 2019, installed in background + restart system.

2019-12-15: apps - install Health Mate 4.6.1,

2019-12-12: apps - install Expensify,

2019-12-12: set up - prevent ringing - use power + volume up to turn on, Settings, turn on sound to get it off.

2019-12-12: apps - installed Fitbit 3.11,

2019-12-12: apps - installed MetaWatch Manager (MWM) 2.1.9 from a file on the SD card.

2019-12-12: restore - booted the G7, restored the backup from Google Drive. Nice and easy.

2019-12-12: unlock bootloader - powered off the G7, put it in fastboot mode, then connected to my laptop. check

tingo@z30b:~/doc/Motorola/G7$ fastboot devices
ZY225CD54F    fastboot

then get the data with fastboot oem get_unlock_data, then concatenate it all into one string and paste into text field at the web site, then request Unlock Key. get the Key from email, then do fastboot oem unlock Key (the command has to be run twice, and all user data is erased. Note: I had to power off the G7 one more time to get it to boot.

2019-12-12: backup - I backed up the phone to Google drive.

2019-12-11: system update - PPOS29.114-134-4 Android security updates up to 1 October 2019, installed in background.

2019-12-11: system update - PPO29.114-134-2 Android security updates up to 1 August 2019, installed in background.

2019-12-11: system update - PPO29.114-134 Android security updates up to 1 June 2019, installed in background.

2019-12-11: system update - PPOS29.80-66-2 Android security updates up to 1 April 2019, installed in background.

2019-12-11: SIM - inserted a SIM card, tested by sending text messages to and from - works. MMS also works.

2019-12-11: developer options - I enabled OEM unlocking, USB debugging

2019-12-10: apps - installed Standard Notes 3.0.17,

2019-12-10: apps - upgraded from Google Chrome 70.0.3538.80 to 78.3904.108, Google Drive from 2.18.392.0245 to 2.19.472.05.45, Google Connectivity Services to V21 prod (4057 sdk29), Maps from 9.85.2 (#985201244) to 10.30.2, Messages from 10.30.2 to 5.2.062 (, Files Go from 1.0.217251024 to Files by Google 1.0.283586985, Google Photos from to, Duo from 39.1.213443905.DR39_RC19 to 68.0.284217138.DR68_RC08, Device Health Services to, Digital Wellbeing to 1.0.283573418, Calculator from 7.5 (213680574) to 7.8 (271241277), Google Calendar from 6.0.2-213980666-release to 2019.45.1-279921459-release, Contacts from to, Clock from 5.4 (211689233) to 6.2.1 (280557501), Phone from 24.0.214850721 to 42.0.284275632, Gmail from to 2019.11.03.280318276.release, Google from to, Carrier Services to 32.0.283645144-carrierservices_V32P_RC15, Gboard - the Google Keyboard to, Android Accessibility Suite to, Google Text-to-Speech to, YouTube from 13.40.54 to 14.47.50, Google Play Services for AR to 1.14.191118086, Google Lens to 1.9.191014029, Moto Actions from to, Moto Camera 2 from to, Motorola Notifications to 7.9.037, FM Radio from 02.02.0508 to 02.03.0119, Moto Help from 6.2.5 to Device Help 7.6.8, Moto from 9.0.20 to 9.0.38, Moto Display from 06.091.0 to 06.094.2, Time Zone Data to 28.1.7, Google Play Music from 8.15.7562-1.I to 8.22.8261-1.P, Google Play Movies & TV from [NO][NO] to 4.17.22,

2019-12-09: system update - update PPO29.80-66 available: stability improvements, Android security updates up to 1 January 2019. I downloaded it, installed it, and then restarted the phone. After the update Android security patch level: January 1, 2019 - Baseband version: M632_11.47.01.85R RIVER_WEJPDSDS_CUST, kernel: 4.9.112-pref+ #1 Fri Feb 1 07:09:10 CST 2019 - Build number: PP029.80-66

2019-12-09: Android - I enabled developer mode

2019-12-09: about phone: model & hardware - model: moto g7, serial number: ZY225CD54F, Hardware version: PVT, Model number (SKU): XT1962-5 software channel: reteu hardware info - RAM 4.00 GB, ROM 64.00 GB, display 2270x1080, camera front 8 MP / rear 12 + 5 MP, NFC: true, Dual SIM: true Android - version 9, security patch level: December 1, 2018, Baseband version: M632_05.34.01.73R RIVER_WEJPDSDS_CUST, kernel version: 4.9.112-perf+ #1 Wed Dec 12 13:39:22 CST 2018, Build number PPO29.80-29

2019-12-09: package contents: 1 x moto g7 with clear plastic "bumper" on back, 1 x charger, 1 x usb-A - usb-C cable, two leaflets (get started + legal info), 1 x SIM drawer tool

2019-12-09: at 11:02 message (and mail) from Posten: shipment on the way, expected delivery 2019.12.12. at 13:56 package ready for pickup. I picked up the package at my local PIB (Extra Trondheimsveien) on my way home.

2019-12-06: mail from Proshop - the phone is packaged, ready for shipping and a tracking number.

2019-12-05: mail from Proshop about delay in delivery.

2019-11-30: I ordered 1 x Motorola Moto G7 64GB - White from Proshop because the price was good during black week (or whatever), NOK 1790.- shipping included