HiLetGo USBtinyISP programmer

HiLetGo USBtinyISP AVR ISP programmer.

USBtinyISP under Debian, FreeBSD,

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2022-03-12: I created this page.

2022-03-08: picked up the package at Extra Trondheimsveien (PostNord pickup point). a 6-pin programming cable was included. The programmer needs a USB B (printer) cable. The PCB is labeled "HW-229", has 6-pin and 10-pin connectors, a (closed) jumper that provides 5V to target and two LEDs.

2022-03-07: received a pick up message for the package, but it was late.

2022-02-25: I ordered 1 x HiLetgo USBTiny USBtinyISP AVR ISP Programmer 6/10 Pin Bootloader for Arduino UNO MEGA from Amazon. Price breakdown: price USD 8.99, shipping & handling USD 8.92, vat USD 4.48. In total USD 22.39.