Lenovo ThinkPad T61 - FreeBSD

Hardware info on main page.

This machine is only tested with FreeBSD, it normally runs another os (for work purposes).

This machine is tested with the amd64 version of FreeBSD.

I normally use an external usb drive (da0) which is sliced up as follows:

slice 1 - 20 GB - a FreeBSD install (RELENG_7 /  i386)
slice 2 - 20 GB - a FreeBSD install (RELENG_6 / i386)
slice 3 - 18 GB -  Linux
slice 4 -  xx GB -

Another external drive (Seagate 60 GB)

slice 1 - xx GB - FreeBSD (currently 8.0-rc2 / amd64)
slice 2 - xx GB - FreeBSD (currently xx)
slice 3 - xx GB -
slice 4 -

Work log

2009-12-13: Seagate 60 GB - slice 1 - I upgraded to latest FreeBSD 8.0-stable. dmesg output: normal, verbose.

2009-11-01: Seagate 60 GB - slice 1 - I installed FreeBSD 8.0-RC2 / amd64 on another external drive. dmesg output: normal, verbose. Note: wlan setup changed. I now have these two lines in /etc/c.conf:

ifconfig_wlan0="WPA DHCP"

Why the change? i don't know yet. And /boot/loader.conf contains:


2009-01-25: slice 1 - added a small patch (from the -multimedia mailinglist) for snd_hda to improve analog PC speaker operation. Works nicely!. dmesg output: normal, verbose (part 1, part 2).

2009-01-19: slice 1 - today I found out (thanks to the good people at the freebsd-mobile mailinglist) that FreeBSD 7.1-stable has the sdhci(4) driver (together with mmcsd(4) and mmc(4) drivers). Loading all three nets the followiing result in /var/log/messages:

Jan 19 18:59:40 testhost-1 kernel: sdhci0: <RICOH R5C822 SD> mem 0xf8101800-0xf81018ff irq 18 at device 0.2 on pci21
Jan 19 18:59:40 testhost-1 kernel: sdhci0: 1 slot(s) allocated
Jan 19 18:59:40 testhost-1 kernel: sdhci0: [ITHREAD]
Jan 19 19:07:55 testhost-1 kernel: mmc0: <MMC/SD bus> on sdhci0
Jan 19 19:07:55 testhost-1 kernel: mmcsd0: 121MB <SD Memory Card> at mmc0 16MHz/4bit
tingo@testhost-1$ df -h /mnt
Filesystem       Size    Used   Avail Capacity  Mounted on
/dev/mmcsd0s1    121M     96K    121M     0%    /mnt

Nice and cool.

2009-01-19: slice 2 - upgraded to FreeBSD 6.4-stable. dmesg output: normal, verbose (part 1, part 2).

2009-01-18: slice 1 - upgraded to FreeBSD 7.1-stable, and added the latest iwn driver from Perforce. dmesg: normal, verbose (part 1, part 2). The sdmmc driver loaded without recompile. Output from pciconf -lv. Here is smbios output as well:

tingo@testhost-1$ kenv | grep smb
smbios.bios.version="7LETB2WW (2.12 )"
smbios.chassis.serial="Not Available"
smbios.chassis.tag="No Asset Information"
smbios.chassis.version="Not Available"
smbios.planar.version="Not Available"
smbios.system.version="ThinkPad T61"

2008-10-11: I added the sdmmc driver to slice 2. The iwn driver didn't compile for some reason. dmesg: normal.

2008-10-11: on slice 2 of the external hard drive, I have FreeBSD 6.4-prerelease. dmesg: normal.

2008-10-11: booted off an external usb hard drive which have FreeBSD 7.1-prerelease on slice 1. dmesg output: normal. The iwn driver installed fine and works nicely.

2008-05-16: the iwn driver works, so far without problems:

tingo@testhost-1$ ifconfig iwn0
iwn0: flags=8843<UP,BROADCAST,RUNNING,SIMPLEX,MULTICAST> metric 0 mtu 1500
    ether 00:1f:3b:47:b1:5b
    inet netmask 0xffff0000 broadcast
    media: IEEE 802.11 Wireless Ethernet autoselect (OFDM/54Mbps)
    status: associated
    ssid kg4 channel 12 (2467 Mhz 11g) bssid 00:0f:66:51:aa:41
    authmode WPA privacy ON deftxkey UNDEF TKIP 3:128-bit txpower 50
    bmiss 10 scanvalid 60 protmode CTS roaming MANUAL

2008-05-10: upgraded (the external usb disk) to latest FreeBSD 7.0-stable. dmesg output. The experimental iwn driver compiled without problems.

2008-05-06: Output from pciconf -lv, usbdevs -v.

2008-05-05: booted FreeBSD 7.0-stable from an external (usb) disk. dmesg output.