Dell Latitude D620

model: Latitude D620 (Wikipedia: Latitude D620)

  • cpu: Intel Core 2 Duo T5500 @ 1.67 GHz
  • memory: 3072 MB - 3063 MB available 2GB PC2-6400 on bottom (DIMM B) + 1GB PC2-5300 on top (DIMM A) (max: 4 GB, DDR2, PC2-4200 533 MHz, PC2-5300 667 MHz)
  • disk drive: Western Digital WD2500BEKT-75A25T0
  • optical drive: TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TS-L632D
  • LCD: 14 inch, Wide XGA+, 1440 x 900
  • gfx: Intel GMA 950 - Mobile Intel 945 Express Chipset Family
  • Video BIOS version: 1343
  • sound: SigmaTel STAC 9200
  • network - wired: Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx Gigabit
  • network - wireless: Intel PRO 3945ABG
  • Bluetooth:
  • USB: 4 x usb 2.0 ports
  • other: 1 x serial port, PCcard slot, smartcard reader, mobile broadband 3G module, IR port (on left side),
  • BIOS version: A10 (05/16/2008)

system setup (BIOS) key: F2, boot menu: F12

Operating systems: Debian, FreeBSD, OPNsense, Xubuntu,

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2021-08-18: I re-created this page on my self-hosted web server.

2017-01-10: perhaps I should test Debian + PIXEL for x86 on this machine. Later: I wrote the Pixel x86 image to a usb stick, and booted the D620 from it. Pixel used a while to start up (the "splash" or boot screen image was shown for a while). After it was started the desktop and the taskbar is shown. When I selected the "Wireless and Wired networks" icon in the taskbar, it started scanning for networks, and after a short while I could connect to my wireless network. The screen has correct resolution (1440x900), Chromium works. I had to change keyboard layout with "Mouse and Keyboard settings" - that works too. It doesn't look like there is a menu item to change locale / timezone. Video and sound - playing a random youtube video works, with sound. Installing software (both gui and via sudo apt-get install) works. OK, lxpanel is unstable, it crashes sometimes.

2016-03-28: hard drive temporarily removed, I'm going to use the machine in an experiment.

2015-08-24: using this machine to upgrade firmware of an Intel 530 Series SSD (180GB). I had written the firmware update image to a usb stick using my workstation. First I booted with the 530 SSD connected via a usb-to-sata adapter, but as I suspected, the firmware tool didn't detect the SSD. So I temporarily replaced the sata harddrive with the SSD and booted again. Now the firmware tool finds the Intel SSD 530 Series 180GB, serial number BTDA3272036311802GN, firmware DC02. New firmware: DC32_180, so I tell it to update. It takes a few seconds. After the update I do a "refresh" and now the tool tell me that the firmware is DC32, and up to date. Good.

2015-01-26: new battery. The old (original) battery is labeled "Rechargeable Li-ion battery", "Rating: 11.1 V (DC)", "TYPE PC764", "Capacity 56Wh". The new battery is labeled "Replace PC764 JD634 312-0383 451-10298", "Li-ion 11.1V 4699mAh / 51Wh".

2015-01-26: today I received the package from with the new battery.

2015-01-21: got a shipping notice from for the package with the battery.

2014-11-25: the package from eBay (Vath Ventures) showed up, directly in my mailbox. Later in the evening I tested one of the caps on the D620; it fits. Now I have 4 spares.

2014-11-18: I bought 5 (five) "Original TrackPoint Cap for Dell Notebooks (Blue) [260]" from a seller on eBay. USD 7.75 plus UD 3 shipping, a total of USD 10.75.

2014-11-18: I ordered an new battery (Batteri til Dell Latitude D620, D630, Precision M2300 10.8/11.1v 4,6Ah 50Wh 6 celler 451-10298) part number CL3032M from for NOK 439,20.

2014-03-04: bios - A10 seems to be the newest BIOS version. at first the F12 menu didn't include "boot from USB ...", but a "load default values" followed by boot device order changes fixed that. Nice.

2014-03-04: I got this laptop from a friend. Battery is dead - System setup reports Primary Battery - "this battery has experienced a permanent failure and needs to be replaced". The top of the trackstick is missing, and a IBM / Lenovo one doesn't fit (it is to wide to fit).