vm4 - ASRock Fatal1ty FM2A88X+ Killer

A machine called "vm4".

  • case: Cooler Master Silencio 452 midi tower
  • power supply: Corsair CX500M
  • motherboard: ASRock Fatal1ty FM2A88X+ Killer, ATX
  • cpu: AMD FM2 A-Series A10-6700T, Quad Core, 2.5GHz, 45W, 4MB, HD8650D
  • memory: 32 GB (2 x 16 GB Kingston kits, each with 2 x 8 GB SIMMS) - all four slots filled was: 16 GB (2 x 8 GB DDR3, PC3-12800), 2 slots free (4 slots in total)
  • storage
1 x ssd:    OCZ Trion 100 240 GB
1 x ssd:    Intel 530 Series 180 GB

UEFI version: FM2A88X+ Killer P2.90 (previous versions: P2.30, P1.10)

keys: DEL / F2 - UEFI setup, F11 - boot menu,

OS: Debian, Fedora, FreeBSD, Xubuntu,

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2021-07.06: I re-created this page on my self-hosted web server.

2017-06-03: uefi - I used Internet Flash (DHCP, Europe) to update to Firmware version 2.90 ().

2016-01-04: system storage - I connected up a OCZ Trion 100 240 GB SSD instead of the Intel one. I booted Fedora 23 off a liveUSB, downloaded SSDGuru from OCZ.com/consumer/download and unpacked it. Ran it with sudo ./SSDGuru which confirmed that the firmware is up to date (version 11.2). Serial number is A22NH091535005092.

2016-01-04: memory - I took out the Crucial Ballistix Tactical 16 GB Kit, and installed the two Kingston 16 GB DDR3 SIMM kits instead.

2015-11-30: memory - I got a pick up text message and picked up the package from Multicom on my way home.

2015-11-22: memory - I ordered 2 x 16 GB Kingston DDR3 SIMM kit (2 x 8GB) from Multicom at NOK 899.- each. With shipping NOK 49.- it is NOK 1847.-

2015-11-21: fans - rear fan is temporarily connected to cha_fan1 connector, but the wire goes over the PCIe expansion area on the motherboard. Perhaps I should connect it to the power fan connector instead.

2015-11-21: sata ports - port number one is the top port (or the rightmost port if you have the motherboard horizontal and the sata ports at the front) closest to the PCB, with port two on top of (or to the left of) port 1. Then ports follow below; 3 - 4, 5 - 6 and 7 - 8.

2015-11-21: system storage - I installed a Intel 530 Series 180 GB SSD on the top of the bottom drive cage; there are two clips + two screw holes for mounting a 2.5 inch SSD there. Next I connected up a power cable and a sata cable to it.

2015-10-25: cpu - the A10-6700T CPU partnumber is AD670TYHHLBOX (processor in box), the other number is AD670TYHA44HL (tray), this is a Richland from the Piledriver architecture. Maxmimum memory frequency supported by this CPU is 1866 MHz (PC3-14900).

2015-10-25: uefi - UEFI version is FM2A88X+ Killer P1.10. It seems that 1.10 is the first version, released 12/12/2013. Newest version available is 2.30, released 4/13/2015. I connected a network cable, and used Internet Flash (it was set to DHCP, Europe) to upgrade to latest UEFI version. Afterwards, I had to redo the setting I had initially changed (settings are reset on upgrade).

2015-10-25: testing - I connected up VGA and mouse from my kvm switch, connected a usb keyboard, connected power. I switch on the PSU, then press the power button, the machine powers on and tries to boot. With DEL or F2 I get into the UEFI - the interface has sound! Note: mouse connected to the ps/2 connector doesn't work in uefi, I had to plug in a usb mouse. Various info: Processor type: AMD A10-6700T APU, processor speed: 2500 MHz, Microcode update: 610F31/6001119, L1 cache size: 192 kb, L2 cache size: 4096 kb, Memory size: 16384 MB with 512 MB shared,

2015-10-25: memory - I have a Crucial Ballistix Tactical 16 GB Kit (2 x 8 GB Tactical PC3-12800 CL8 1.5v w/ XMP, 1600 MHz. I insert them into the A1 and B1 DIMM slots.

2015-10-24: motherboard - connectors, connected up HD Audio, usb (2.0), speaker, system panel connector (connectors actually), usb 3.0 connector, and (front) chassis fan (to cha_fan2, 3-pin).

2015-10-24: power supply - I used my spare psu, a Corsair CX500M. Installed it with the fan down, and pulled the cables through the holes in the case, so the cables could be mostly on the back side.

2015-10-24: motherboard - I unpacked the motherboard and mounted it in the case with 7 (seven) screws. The two holes farthest away from the back panel are not used. I installed the CPU next, and then the heatsink. Since this is a PIB (processor in a box), the heatsink had thermal paste preapplied. I connected the fan on the heatsink to the CPU FAN1 connector (4-pin). CUP serial number: 9AN3511J30064.

2015-10-24: Case - I unpacked the case, it contains a installation guide in addition to the case itself. Inside the case is a bag of parts. I installed standoffs for the motherboard (all nine of them). Those at positions C, L are not used (and position F is free). I also installed the I/O shield.

2015-10-24: Digital Impuls - AMD A10-6700T (124405) costs NOK 1195.- today. They don't have the Fatal1ty FM2A88X+ Killer anymore.

2015-10-24: I went to Digital Impuls today, and bought a case to put the machine in: Cooler Master Silencio 452 (128695) for NOK 799.-

2014-12-23: as a pre-Christmas present to myself perhaps? I bought a motherboard ASRock Fatal1ty FM2A88X+ Killer, ATX (126076) NOK 795.- and a cpu AMD FM2 A-Series A10-6700T, Quad Core, 2.5GHz, 45W, 4MB, HD8650D (124405) NOK 1195.- from Digital Impuls. In total NOK 1990.- Not sure what I was going to use it for. Update: I found the receipt. On the same receipt is also a Samsung microSD 32GB, class 6, up to 24 MB/s NOK 225.-