ASRock BeeBox N3000 - Qubes

Hardware info on main page.

keys: F2 (or Delete) - bios / UEFI, F11 - boot menu,

Work log

2015-10-05: For completeness, I tried booting from the Qubes 3.0 install image (Qubes-R3.0-x86_64-DVD.iso) from another usb stick. This one has working keyboard, but no graphics, it just dumps in text mode. Switching to console 2 and doing a dmesg | less I can see (transcribed)

[drm] This hardware requires preliminary hardware support.
See CONFIG_DRM_I915_PRELIMINARY_HW_SUPPORT, and/or modparam preliminary_hw_support

oh well.

2015-10-05: I tried to boot Qubes R3.1-alpha (Qubes-R3.1-alpha1.1-x86_64-LIVE.iso) from a usb stick. It dumped me into the dracut emergency shell. Unfortunately, mouse and keyboard didn't work, so can't do much. Legacy USB support and CSM is "on" in UEFI. A second try also ends the same way. Perhaps Qunes doesn't grok the usb ports on this machine.