Acer Aspire AS5672 and OpenBSD

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2006-11-17: I upgraded from OpenBSD 3.9 to OpenBSD 4.0. The upgrade process was easy, much easier than the install (of OpenBSD 3.9). But then I didn't have to fiddle about with partition sizes, I just told the upgrade program which disk to upgrade, and that was that. There were some manual steps, but they were clearly explained in the upgrade guide, even with commands to copy and paste. Very well done. Here is a normal dmesg, verbose dmesg.

Initial install OpenBSD 3.9

The OpenBSD install was the least user friendly of the three BSD installs. I had to use a calculator to be sure that my disk slices and partitions didn't touch anything else (read other operating systems) on the disk.

But, OpenBSD recognized and used the wired network (bge) without a problem.

dmesg output from as5672-openbsd-3.9-dmesg.txt, verbose dmesg. boot -c, then turn on 'verbose', then 'quit'