Acer Aspire AS5672 and NetBSD

Hardware info on main page.

My findings in installing NetBSD on this laptop.

I upgraded (binary upgrade) to NetBSD 3.1-RC3 dmesg, verbose dmesg.

bge didn't support the BCM5789 in 3.1-RC3 either,so I had to add a kernel patch (kern/33282) and compile a new kernel. The above dmesg's are with that patch. The patch failed one part (pcidevs.h) but worked anyway. I had to use config MYKERNEL , because ./ kernel=MYKERNEL failed. YMMV.

After that, bge0 finally works.

My first try was NetBSD 3.0.1 dmesg, verbose dmesg.

Booting from USB hard drive: the NetBSD boot loader booted from the usb hard drive without problems,

Current status:

  • network interfaces not detected. Most likely, bge didn't support the BCM5789 when 3.0.1 was released
  • XFree86 (version 4.5.0) refuses to start up, because it can't find a working screenmode in vesa. Perhaps I should try Xorg instead

That's all!