MetaWatch Strata

MetaWatch Strata

  • Style: MW3002
  • Model: SW12-2
  • Color: Black / Tangerine
  • serial number: 0018-33FA-C8E2
  • sensors: ambient light sensor, 3-axis accelerometer (KXTI9)
  • battery: 120 mAh
  • operating system: FreeRTOS
  • Hardware: Rev F
  • Software: 1.5.3 (999007) was:1.4.0 (556)

The main chips are

  • MSP430F5438 (mcu)
  • CC2560 (bluetooth)

Buttons, from top left, down and around the clock: F - E - D - C - B - A

Reset watch: press and hold button F until the watch resets.

reset watch to default values: press and hold the B and E buttons until the watch resets.

pairing code: 0000

other pages: charging clip


firmware update:,, MetaWatch Support Center, Dev Wiki, MetaWatch Hacking, btstack - CC256x, MetaWatchOpenProjects, N9 - sowatch, firmwares: electric-monk - IndependentlySmartWatch, vcfed - MetaWatch programming,

info Sparkfun MetaWatch Teardown and Arduino Hookup, MetaWatch JTAG Reflash NoIDE (pdf),

local links

Asus U35jc win7, Galaxy S5,

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History / work log

2024-07-12: rust - AT2XT is a nice example.

2024-07-12: rust resources for msp430. msp430, msp430-rt, msp430-quickstart, blogs: rust on msp430 part 1, 2, 3. abi_msp430_interrupt, msp430-i2c-oled-example-rs,

2023-04-30: bb - connecting the charger clip to a FreeBSD workstation

root@kg-bsbox:~ # freebsd-version -ku
root@kg-bsbox:~ # uname -a
FreeBSD kg-bsbox.local 13.1-RELEASE-p6 FreeBSD 13.1-RELEASE-p6 GENERIC amd64

usbconfig says

root@kg-bsbox:~ # usbconfig -d ugen0.10
ugen0.10: <FTDI FT232R USB UART> at usbus0, cfg=0 md=HOST spd=FULL (12Mbps) pwr=ON (250mA)

from /var/log/messages

Apr 30 17:38:42 kg-bsbox kernel: ugen0.10: <FTDI FT232R USB UART> at usbus0
Apr 30 17:38:42 kg-bsbox webcamd[77593]: webcamd: Cannot find USB device
Apr 30 17:38:42 kg-bsbox kernel: uftdi0 on uhub5
Apr 30 17:38:42 kg-bsbox kernel: uftdi0: <FT232R USB UART> on usbus0

check tty

root@kg-bsbox:~ # sysctl dev.uftdi.0.ttyname
dev.uftdi.0.ttyname: U1


root@kg-bsbox:~ # ls -l /dev/cuaU1 /dev/ttyU1
crw-rw----  1 uucp  dialer  0x1b9 Apr 30 17:38 /dev/cuaU1
crw-------  1 root  wheel   0x1b1 Apr 30 17:38 /dev/ttyU1

connecting a watch to the (connected) charging clip powers on the watch and makes it start charging.

2023-04-29: Maybe I should design and print a developer clip for my other MetaWatch Strata? Then I could experiment with rust on it. If the power (5V) is on the two middle pins, the Spi-Bi-Wire must be on the two outer pins.

2022-08-30: the watch ran out of battery at work today (I forgot to charge it on Sunday). Charged at home this evening, and back online.

2022-07-15: this morning, the watch had run out of battery during the night. Which is strange, because the same thing happened yesterday or the day before. Anyway, same procedure: bring the charging adapter to work, and charge the watch.

2022-03-26: today, when I was going out I saw that the Strata had run out of battery - I forgot to charge it. So it had to stay home charging while I was out.

2021-07-28: today, after charging, the Strata was frozen - no response from buttons, and unable to connect to it from MWM (MetaWatchManager). Fixed by connecting it to the charger again (the watch resets when connected to the charger). As usual, this took a few tries.

2021-07-28: I re-created this page on my self-hosted web server.

2019-03-29: the replacement strap holder that I printed on 2018-07-12 wore out. 8 and a half months of daily usage - not bad. I printed a couple of new ones, on the Prusa i3 MK3 that we have at Bitraf.

2019-01-11: I put wrapped band-aid around the cracked part of the wristband for now.

2019-01-10: physical - the wristband on my Strata has developed a crack / deep fracture on one side.

2018-07-12: the "strap holder" or whatever it is called on the wristband broke, so I designed and printed a new one, see Thingiverse thing 3001458.

2017-08-01: the Strata hung today, while I was pressing buttons on it. I'm unable to reset it via buttons. Later (back home) I reset it by connecting it to the charger clip.Had to try a few times before it worked. All good now.

2017-05-30: app - today the Strata suddenly was disconnected from my phone. I had to kill and restart the MWM app.

2017-05-27: battery - today the watch ran out of juice while I was out. I put it on charger when I was back home this evening. when it was charged, I paired it with my phone again, and things are back to normal.

2017-05-22: hang - this morning, when I checked my phone I saw that the Strata was not connected (the MetaWatch icon was "half"), and when I tried pressing buttons on the watch, none of them responded. The watch was charged last night as usual. I solved the problem by connecting the watch to the charger again, the watch got reset and got working again.

2017-04-29: battery - last night the watch ran out of battery. I put it on charger when I got home. As usual, when the watch has been out of juice, you have to pair it up with the phone again. Back to normal now.

2017-02-04: app - I used ExtractAPK to extract the MWM app from my S5 (and used drive to get it to my Fedora laptop:

[tingo@localhost APKs]$ pwd
[tingo@localhost APKs]$ ll
total 3960
drwxrwxr-x. 2 tingo tingo    4096 Feb  4 14:30 ./
drwxrwxr-x. 4 tingo tingo    4096 Feb  4 14:30 ../
-rw-r--r--. 1 tingo tingo     112 Feb  4 14:17 0_APK_info.txt
-rw-r--r--. 1 tingo tingo 4041568 Feb  4 13:55 MetaWatch Manager_com.metawatch.mwm.apk

now, let me see what apktool can do

[tingo@localhost APKs]$ apktool
Apktool v2.2.2 - a tool for reengineering Android apk files
with smali v2.1.3 and baksmali v2.1.3
Copyright 2014 Ryszard Wiśniewski <>
Updated by Connor Tumbleson <>

usage: apktool
 -advance,--advanced   prints advance information.
 -version,--version    prints the version then exits
usage: apktool if|install-framework [options] <framework.apk>
 -p,--frame-path <dir>   Stores framework files into <dir>.
 -t,--tag <tag>          Tag frameworks using <tag>.
usage: apktool d[ecode] [options] <file_apk>
 -f,--force              Force delete destination directory.
 -o,--output <dir>       The name of folder that gets written. Default is apk.out
 -p,--frame-path <dir>   Uses framework files located in <dir>.
 -r,--no-res             Do not decode resources.
 -s,--no-src             Do not decode sources.
 -t,--frame-tag <tag>    Uses framework files tagged by <tag>.
usage: apktool b[uild] [options] <app_path>
 -f,--force-all          Skip changes detection and build all files.
 -o,--output <dir>       The name of apk that gets written. Default is dist/name.apk
 -p,--frame-path <dir>   Uses framework files located in <dir>.

For additional info, see: 
For smali/baksmali info, see:

ok, try it

[tingo@localhost APKs]$ apktool d "MetaWatch Manager_com.metawatch.mwm.apk"
I: Using Apktool 2.2.2 on MetaWatch Manager_com.metawatch.mwm.apk
I: Loading resource table...
I: Decoding AndroidManifest.xml with resources...
I: Loading resource table from file: /home/tingo/.local/share/apktool/framework/1.apk
I: Regular manifest package...
I: Decoding file-resources...
I: Decoding values */* XMLs...
I: Baksmaling classes.dex...
I: Copying assets and libs...
I: Copying unknown files...
I: Copying original files...

what did it create

[tingo@localhost APKs]$ ll
total 3964
drwxrwxr-x. 3 tingo tingo    4096 Feb  4 14:48 ./
drwxrwxr-x. 4 tingo tingo    4096 Feb  4 14:30 ../
-rw-r--r--. 1 tingo tingo     112 Feb  4 14:17 0_APK_info.txt
drwxrwxr-x. 7 tingo tingo    4096 Feb  4 14:48 MetaWatch Manager_com.metawatch.mwm/
-rw-r--r--. 1 tingo tingo 4041568 Feb  4 13:55 MetaWatch Manager_com.metawatch.mwm.apk


[tingo@localhost APKs]$ ls -l "MetaWatch Manager_com.metawatch.mwm"
total 44
-rw-rw-r--.  1 tingo tingo  9780 Feb  4 14:48 AndroidManifest.xml
-rw-rw-r--.  1 tingo tingo   568 Feb  4 14:48 apktool.yml
drwxrwxr-x.  2 tingo tingo 12288 Feb  4 14:48 assets
drwxrwxr-x.  3 tingo tingo  4096 Feb  4 14:48 original
drwxrwxr-x. 89 tingo tingo  4096 Feb  4 14:48 res
drwxrwxr-x.  6 tingo tingo  4096 Feb  4 14:48 smali
drwxrwxr-x.  4 tingo tingo  4096 Feb  4 14:48 unknown

interesting. Ok, looking at "MetaWatch Manager_com.metawatch.mwm/smali/com/metawatch/widget/resident/WeatherWidget.smali it seems the app uses Yahoo APIs for weather:
which is ok. Documentation
It also uses Yahoo API for location:
and that one has been shut down. It must be changed:

I can learn about this.

2016-12-05: weather widget - today I cleared the data from MWM (Appstyring, Lagring, Tøm data) and set it up from scratch again, to see if the weather widgets would work after that. No dice - some show "loading", some show old data. Not nice.

2016-09-22: weather widget - removing from watch face and adding only gives me "set location", even if the location is set in MWM. Resetting the watch doesn't help either, the problem is back as soon as I start MWM and the watch connects. The only setting I can change for the Weather widget is "Inverse Widget Color" - that one works.

2016-09-16: weather widget - still not updating, doing disconnect / connect in MWM on phone - nope doesn't work.

2016-09-13: this afternoon, I noticed that the weather widget on the Strata wasn't updated correctly. I tried switching displays, changing location ("Oslo" to "Bodø" and back again) but no dice - the weather gadget is stuck on Oslo, and wrong weather. In fact, trying to change location / city for any weather gadget on any screen doesn't work. Killing the app (MWM) on the phone and restarting it doesn't work either.

2016-06-22: new one in - I paired the new Strata (Metawatch F7) with Bluetooth on my Galaxy S5. Unfortunately, MWM didn't want to connect with it. So I upgraded MWM from 2.1.7 to 2.1.9 - no help. I rebooted my phone (Galaxy S5) too, didn't help that either. The right way to do it was to remove the old Strata from MWM with Settings, remove paired watch. After that I could press "connect2 in MWM and select MetaWatch F7 from a list. Great!

2016-06-22: old one out: - I unpaired the old Strata (Metawatch 38) from my Galaxy S5, and turned Bluetooth off.

2016-06-22: replacement - firmware - after the update, the new Strata has software 1.5.5 (104000).

2016-06-22: replacement - firmware update - I used my old win7 laptop for the update. The new updater at the link above didn't work (it complained "error flashing" all the time). Luckily I had saved away a copy of "MetaWatch Updater to 1.5.5.exe", and that one did the job. After - app version: 1.5.5, CRC: 913, build date: Jan 16 2, app size: 251865, Bootloader version: 0.1.7.

2016-06-22: replacement - details: serial number: 0017-EC35-B5F7, Hardware: Rev F, Software: 1.5.1 (962).

2016-06-21: replacement - charging - I put it on charger (fully charge, 2 - 3 hours, is recommended before first use), the display shows the watch starting - ok.

2016-06-21: replacement - unpacking - one standard Metawatch Strata Tangerine package, in a closed plastic bag. The plastic seal on the package is intact.

2016-06-21: replacement - the package arrived at my local PIB this evening, so I picked it up. I had to pay NOK 102.- in MVA (value added tax) and NOK 146.- for customs handling, a total of NOK 248.-

2016-06-20: wristband - I used superglue on the other side too. Hopefully this will last until the new watch gets here.

2016-06-19: wristband - this evening the wristband broke on one side as I took off the watch. Temporary fix: superglue and band-aid.

2016-06-14: replacement - order shipped - I got a shipped confirmation from My bank shows a NOK 717.45 transaction for this order.

2016-06-14: replacement - I ordered a new Metawatch Strata from Yes, black and tangerine colors again. Price was USD 49.95, shipping is USD 35.- a total of USD 84.95, which is about NOK 707,63.

2016-06-13: physical - the strap / wristband of my Strata is now taped (band-aid) on both sides. Time to look for a replacement Strata (if possible), or another connected watch.

2016-01-12: connection - this morning the Strata was disconnected from the phone. Turning Bluetooth off / on (on the Strata) didn't help, so I had to forcibly stop MWM on the phone (as usual, "Disconnect" in MWM didn't work), start it and connect again.

2015-11-17: connection - connection to the S5 failed, I had to tuirn off and on Bluetooth on the Strata to get it to connect again.

2015-10-02: battery - at 18:15 I put the Strata on charger, battery was 1%.

2015-09-25: battery - at 14:40, the Strata ran out of juice. It was charged night to Monday as usual, so almost five full days on battery this time.

2015-08-21: connection - the connection failed a few time today. First I tried "connect" in MWM, which worked, but later didn't. Next up was turning bluetooth off and on on the Strata itself. We shall see if that fixes it.

2015-06-29: lock up - ok, one night of rest was all it took, this morning the Strata was back at the default screen, and I could pair it with my phone. Good.

2015-06-28: trying Strata firmware update - I used my laptop (u35jc), booted into win7 (and after the update dance I am ready). I unzipped the 1.5.5 update and ran MetaWatch Updater to 1.5.5.exe, unfortunately, it doesn't get further than "Query Watch" when I press this it starts and then returns to that screen. Holding in the three buttons on the right side of the Strata doesn't reset it either.

2015-06-28: lock up - this evening, my Strata locked up completely after charging. It had run out of battery, and while I was trying to pair it with the S5 it locked up. I can't reset it no matter what I try.

2015-03-25: today the S5 ran out of battery. After getting it back on again, I had to strt MWM and select "Connect" for it to connect to the Strata again.

2015-03-05: connection - today the Strata indicated that the connection to the phone was out (bluetooth link ok). Turning bluetooth off and on on the Strata didn't help, nor did "disconnect" from MWM on the phone. I had to forcibly stop MWM on the phone, then start it and "connect" again.

2015-02-15: battery - this morning (sunday) at 10:05 battery level was 21%, I put Strata on charger.

2015-02-05: battery - this evening (thursday), at 19:00 local time, the battery was at 28%, so I put the Strata on charger.

2015-01-30: battery - this evening (friday) the battery ran out of juice again. I put the Strata on charging as soon as I got home.

2015-01-24: firmware - a new firmware is available, version 1.5.5. Update instructions for Windows, Mac OS X. The release notes has this about the new version:

Version 1.5.5
- New Sports widgets:
- NCAA Football
- NCAA Basketball
- National Hockey League
- Two New Watch Faces
- Third-party music controls
- Additional bug fixes and enhancements

bug fixes sound nice.

2015-01-24: battery - this evening battery level was at 19% and it is only Saturday. Anyway, I put the Strata on charger again.

2015-01-18: battery - today when I was going out, I noticed that the watch had run out of juice again, so I put it on charger. When I got home again, it was fully charged. as usual, when the watch has been out of juice, you have to pair it up with the phone again. This time I tried just turning on / off bluetooth on the watch. It took a few tries but it worked.

2014-11-21: battery - today (after lunch sometime) the watch ran out of juice. I charged it (to about 50%) when I got home. As usual when that happens, I have to pair the watch with the phone again. Tried disconnecting in MWM - doesn't work, I also tried turning off and on Bluetooth on the watch, but it still wouldn't pair. What worked was forced stop of MWM on the phone, when I started it up again and tried to connect to the watch, MWM just asked me for the watch PIN again, and then it was connected. Works.

2014-08-30: battery - at 10:06, battery level is a 24%, I connected it to charger. Battery time - about 6 days.

2014-08-24: battery - at 15:20 the battery level is at zero (and has been for a while), connected to charger. Battery time - about 7 days.

2014-08-17: battery - it is Sunday again, and time to charge the watch. At 17:25, battery level is at 20%. Charger connected, charging commences.

2014-08-11: connection - this morning the watch said that I had to pair it again (probably because of the power loss). I didn't want to remove it from MWM, I feared I would loose all my settings. So I turned off and on Bluetooth on the watch, and then MWM asked me for the PIN code (which is four zeros).

2014-08-10: battery - at 23:20 I put the watch on charging (it was dead / flat battery then). Battery time - about 7 days.

2014-08-03: battery - at 12:29 the battery is at 8% and I put the watch on charging. Battery time - about 7 days.

2014-07-27: battery - at 22:52 the battery is at 10% and I put the watch on charging. Battery time - 7 days.

2014-07-19: battery - at 21:19, the battery is at 9% and I set it on charging. Battery time - about 7 days.

2014-07-18: MWM - this morning the connection between the Strata and the phone (Galaxy S5) had died. It looks like the MWM background service just died. Fixed by starting MWM and selecting Connect.

2014-07-12: battery - at 17:53 the battery level has been at 0% for a while. Time to start charging. Battery time - the battery was fully charged on 2014-07-05 in the morning, so that is about 7 days battery life before recharging is needed. At 22:19, the watch is charged.

2014-07-12: I updated MWM for Android to version 2.1.5. Minor bugfixes, according to the description.

2014-07-04: battery - at 14:07, the battery is at 12%. At 15:16, battery is at 5%. At 19:27 - the battery has been at 0% for hours now, and just now the bluetooth connection shut down, but that was a phone-related problem (starting MWM on the phone solved it). At 23:31 the watch is "dead", time to charge it again.

2014-07-03: battery - very late in the evening, the battery is at 28% and the exclamation mark is shown.

2014-06-27: battery - the watch was fully charged this morning, now to see how long it lasts before it wants charging again.

2014-06-26: charging - I put the Strata on charging at approximately 16:00. I need to make a note of how long the battery lasts with the new firmware, and with MWM as the "driver".

2014-05-21: reconnect the watch - in MWM on android, select Connect - doesn't work. Remove paired watch, the select connect - works but nothing happens. Ok, remove (deinstall) the MWM app from Android, then install it again. After retrying the Connect button a few times, I got the pairing code screen (four zeros) and the watch connected. Now lets hope it works reliably.

2014-05-21: Strata firmware update - I used my laptop (u35jc), booted into win7 (and after the update dance I am ready) prepare for update:

- disconnect the Strata in MWM on Android
- install FTDI drivers (I had to run CDM20824_Setup.exe as admin to get it installed)
- connect the blue charging clip to the machine (it shows up as COM3 on this machine)
- unzipped the 1.5.3 update
- run the "MetaWatch Updater for Windows v09.exe", but it requires ".NET Framework v4.0.30319" (see also this question)
- downloaded "dotNetFx40_Full_setup.exe" from Microsoft and installed it (this took some time)
- try the MW Uodater again, ok now it works

do the update

- select COM3
- info from the updater: Bootloader version: 0.1.7, build date: May 13 2013, App version: 1.4.0, build date: Jul 14 2013, image size: 236843 bytes, CRC: 0xD690
- use browse to select the file "153rc_999007.a43"
- hit "Flash", the Strata is programmed (497 segments), and the updater reports "Programming complete successfully!"
- hit "Exit" button


- run the updater again
- info from the updater: Bootloader version: 0.1.7, build date: May 13 2013, App version: 1.5.3, build date: Feb 11 2014, image size: 252915 bytes, CRC: 0x454C

After this the watch reports SW: 1.5.3 (999007).

2014-05-21: It is back to MWM for Android version 2.1.3 again.

2014-05-19: ok, MetaWatch Community Edition (version works with firmware 1.4.0 on the Strata. I can't get weather to work, but that is minor. Ok, all I needed to do was read the instructions. Duh! You need an API key from Weather Underground, the weather works too. Unfortunately, after a while I found out that the clock isn't synchronized (bug #94).

2014-05-19: since I got a new phone (Samsung Galaxy S5, Android) I have installed MetaWatch Manager (MWM, version 2.1.3) on it, and connected the Strata. The widgets from MWM doesn't display perfectly on the Strata, so I might need to upgrade the firmware. Newest firmware is 1.5.3 (windows update instructions)

2013-10-29: charging - at 21:08 battery level was at 10%, I started charging.

2013-10-19: charging - started charging at 21:39. The battery level was at 0%.

2013-10-10: charging - at 21:26 this evening (actually a bit before that, I could feel the vibration when the Bluetooth turned off) the watch charge indicator shows 0%, so I put it on charger.

2013-09-30: charging, new watch. At 19:25 local time, the watch was at only 5% battery capacity. It's charging now, I'll try to notice how long it takes. I didn't notice, but at 22:07 local time the charge indicator shows 100.

2013-09-20: Fedex delivered the package to me at 13:57. I turned out to be a replacement MetaWatch Strata. Later in the evening I unpacked it. The new Strata had already been upgraded to firmware v1.4.0, the battery was at about 50%, but I was eager to see how well charging worked, so I plugged the charger in my laptop, and connected the Strata. Immediately (on first try!) I had a connection, the watch reset itself, and a moment later the charging symbol turned on - and stayed there! The watch is still charging, but this is how it is supposed to work, no problems at all.

2013-09-19: I called the local Fedex office and arranged for delivery at my workplace.

2013-09-19: charging - at 11:37 local time, the watch is at 18% battery, time to charge it. Extremely difficult to get a stable connection now.

2013-09-18: I got a text message (on my phone) from Fedex, saying that they had tried to deliver a package to me. Not sure what it is.

2013-09-11: charging - this morning the watch was at 17%, time to charge it. At work today I managed to charge it to around 80% (many tries and re-tries to get a stable connection), we will see how long that lasts.

2013-09-10: MetaWatch Support asked for my order number and other details, which I provided.

2013-09-09: cleaning contacts: the contacts on both charger clip and watch looks clean. I cleaned the contacts on the charger clip (used an eraser) and on the watch (using a wooden toothpick), but that didn't improve anything; it is still very hard to get a connection between the charger clip and the watch. I informed MetaWatch support about the lack of improvement,

2013-09-09: freeze - today the Strata froze - completely. No reaction from any buttons, can't reset the watch with button F or buttons B-E. The display shows 10:26 and notifications shows one unread mail. I'll have to wait until I get home to see if I can reset the watch with the charger clip. Later: home again, I connected the watch to the charger clip, it reset and was up and running again. Some moments later it reconnected to my phone and synced up.

2013-09-04: phone connection: testing the watch with my Nokia N9 phone. After turning on Bluetooth on the N9 and checking in Bluetooth devices, the Sowatch application found the watch (detected as "MetaWatch E2"), and it connected.

2013-09-03: charging test: after a lot of fiddling with with the position of the charger clip, I managed to get a charging symbol on the watch (to the right of the time). In a few hours we'll see if it works.

2013-09-03: firmware upgrade: I used a Windows machine, the upgrade was successful, and now the watch is running firmware v1.4.0. We'll see if that helps with the charging. The status screen now shows SW: 1.4.0 (556), HW: REV F.

2013-09-03: MetaWatch support responded, and advised me to perform the firmware upgrade (as per as a first step.

2013-09-02: charger voltage: I measured the voltage on the charger (using the pinout from the MetaWatch Hacking page); the two middle pins have 5 volts (5.05 V) over them, so the charger looks ok.

2013-08-31: I left the watch on charger overnight, but this morning the status screen still says that battery level is zero percent?? Status screen: SW: 1.0.0 (419.367) HW: 257. After having tried many times, I sent a mail to MetaWath support asking for advice.

2013-08-30: Instructions says to charge your watch for 4 hours the first time. When I first connected the charging clip I had a problem; the watch display would not turn on. I tried several usb chargers, fiddled with the charging clip, but it didn't help. The blue light on the charging clip was lit every time. Finally, I fiddled enough with the charging clip and the display turned on. Nice. Firmware: looks like the watch comes with v1.0.0, the instructions says to update it to v1.4.0, I'll do that when the watch is charged.

2013-08-30: I picked up the package at my local post office (Sofienberg postkontor) and paid NOK 192.- in tax, and NOK 133.- for customs handling fee (fortollingsgebyr), a total of NOK 325.-. The watch has now a total price of NOK 1450.29, not bad.

2013-08-23: I got a notification that the watch was shipped.

2013-08-22: Selected models of the MetaWatch Strata was on sale for USD 129.-, so I ordered a Black / Tangerine one. Shipping was USD 48.34, so a total of USD 177.34 (it is NOK 1125.29)