Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast

Model: H2G2-42 ("1st gen")

serial number: 3C29101WTKAH



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Cubot X12, HTC HD2, Samsung Galaxy S5, Chromebook 2, Toshiba Satellite Z30-B-10W,

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2021-07-26: I re-created this page on my self-hosted web server.

2018-01-23: this evening Google Home on the Cubot X12, Galaxy S5 an Moto G3 finds the Chromecast. And Chrome on the Fedora laptop also. Maybe it is because I rebooted my WLAN AP (access point) this morning? Anyway, good.

2018-01-17: Setup - first I tried to setup the Chromecast from Chromium on FreeBSD - it didn't work. Next, I used the Google Home app on the Cubot X12 to setup the Chromecast. That worked, but the X12 still can't find the Chromecast afterwards, not even from the Home app. It doesn't matter if the phone is on the same Wi-Fi network as the Chromecast, it still can't find it. Crap!

2018-01-17: I did a factory reset of the Chromecast using the button on it.

2018-01-16: switched to another PSU, the Chromecast comes up, shows it is connected to my local WLAN, but neither the X12 nor the S5 is able to discover the Chromecast. 2018-01-16: I discovered that the charger I got when I bought my Chromecast isn't working anymore, it only gives I short red blink on the Chromecast LED when connected, and no signal on the HDMI.

2017-06-04: My X12 couldn't connect to the Chromecast (my S5 connected without problems), so I rebooted the Chromecast. Now my X12 (and the S5) connects again.

2017-05-27: apps - upgraded to Google Home,

2017-01-01: apps - upgraded to Google Home 1.20.9,

2016-10-24: the firmware is still version 1.20.66189 (version 1.21.74816 is available). LED: sometimes it blinks red while the Chromecast is working normally - this is a known "feature" of the firmware version I'm running).

2016-03-01: casting - from Toshiba Satellite Z30 laptop in Fedora - casting from Chrome works (YouTube videos),

2016-03-01: casting - from Chromebook 2 - casting from Chrome (example: YouTube videos) works. I haven't figured out how to get VLC to play tvheadend URLs, so that doesn't work for now.

2016-02-04: apps - upgraded to Chromecast 1.13.15 on my Samsung Galaxy S5,

2015-02-13: apps - updated to Chromecast 1.10.2 on my Samsung Galaxy S5,

2014-12-20: apps - updated Chromecast to version 1.9.7,

2014-12-11: app - Chromecast got (auto)updated to version 1.9.6 on my Samsung Galaxy S5,

2014-09-28: testing. I fire up the YouTube app, find a Jace Everett video and press the "cast" icon. After a while the video shows on my monitor. Cool!.

2014-09-28: setting up. I start the Chromecast app on my HD2, go into Devices ("Enheter") and it discover the Chromecast5997 device on my wireless network, says that the device needs to be configured ("Trenger konfigurering"). I select it, and press configure ("Konfigurering"). It makes me choose country, the proceeds to connect to the device. It asks if it has found the correct device (asking about the code in the lower right corner on the screens, which matches). Next it allows me to rename the Chromecast, but I keep "Chromecast5997". Next, it connects the Chromecast to my wireless network (all this time, the text on the Chromecast is still in Spanish). The Chromecast stars a download / update or whatever (going from 0 - 100%) and then reboots. After the reboot, it starts the 0 - 100% thing again, then reboots again. This time I wait until it is finished before I hit "ok" in the Chromecast app again. The spanish text is back. After a while, the Chromecast is ready, showing the name "Chromecast5997" plus "Nye apper på" plus the time in the lower right corner.

2014-09-28: setting up. I connect the Chromecast to the HDMI input on a monitor, connect the usb power adapter, and the LED on the Chromecast lights up, red, then white. After I switch to the HDMI input on the monitor, I am greeted with text in spanish saysing that the Chromecast device can't find the "samsung" wi-fi network (thanks, Google Translate). I install Google Chrome on my HTC HD2 (all the other devices are charging) and got to the setup web page - the only thing they want me to do there is to download the Chromecast app from Google play. meh. 2014-09-28: unpacking. The package contains the Chromecast device, HDMI extender cable, USB power cable, USB power adapter ("charger") - the supplied one is American, So I get a Trust one as well, 5V, 1A. A small booklet "Product Information" is also included.

2014-08-07: I bought a used ("B-vare") Google Chromecast from Expert Klingenberg for NOK 199.- .