z80pack - simulator

z80pack - simulator - can run CP/M

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z80pack, Setting up z80pack to Create an Emulated CP/M System, zxcc, MaxZ80 tutorial, z80pack - Quickstart to run UCSD p-System,


2021-11-16: I re-created this page on my self-hosted web server.

2014-08-15: tip from comp.os.cpm: I'm able to use the cursor keys in Udo's z80pack without any modifications. It did take some time to get xterm configured properly. This is what I ended up with:

xterm -g 80x24 \
    -xrm \
'XTerm*VT100.translations:     #override \n\
<Key>Up: string(0x05) \n\
<Key>Down: string(0x18) \n\
<Key>Right: string(0x04) \n\
<Key>Left: string(0x13) \n\
<Key>Prior: string(0x12) \n\
<Key>Next: string(0x03) \n\
<Key>Delete: string(0x07)' \
    -e cpmsim

Steve Useful.