Rigol DS1052E

Model: Rigol DS1102E (was: DS1052E)

  • Serial No.: DS1EB124413087 (was: DS1ED124413087)
  • Software version: 00.02.04 SP1 (was: 00.02.05)
  • Installed modules: FFT, USB, P/F, RS232

To see hw version: utility, system info, then press 2x ch1, 2x ch2, 1x math

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DS1052E to DS1102E via usb, Hacking the DS1052E with Linux, Rigol Homebrew wiki, Four Rigol oscilloscope hacks with Python,


2021-08-26: I re-created this page on my self-hosted web server.

2016-03-24: it seems that sigrok can be used to control Rigol DS1000 series scopes.

2015-06-08: interesting article: Controlling a Rigol with Linux.

2012-03-31: upgrade to DS1102E: step 1, "upgrade" the firmware: I followed the guide linked above, step 3c. After the upgrade, the scope reports firmware SP2. On the hardware info page it reports version, DSP: 02.15, FPGA: 02.00, HardVersion=58. Good. Step 2: connect the scope via usb to your linux machine. check dmesg for lines like these:

Mar 31 22:06:58 kg-u35jc kernel: [25491.736616] usb 2-1.2: new full speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 6
Mar 31 22:06:58 kg-u35jc kernel: [25491.905428] usbcore: registered new interface driver usbtmc

I used /var/log/messages, but you get the idea. Step 3: Change the scope, using Linux:

tingo@kg-u35jc:~$ echo ":INFO:MODEL DS1102E" | sudo tee /dev/usbtmc0
[sudo] password for tingo:
tingo@kg-u35jc:~$ echo ":INFO:SERIAL DS1EB124413087" | sudo tee /dev/usbtmc0

Turn off and on again, and check if it worked. It did, the scope now reports:

Model: DS1102E
Serial no: DS1EB124413087

Cool. Step 4: upgrade the firmware. I selected the 00.02.04 SP1 firmware based on recommendations in the guide. After the upgrade, the scope reports Software version 00.02.04 SP1, and hardware info page:

Serial no: DS1EB124413087
software version:
DSP: 02.20
FPGA: 02.00
HardVersion: 58

That's it.

2011-01-04: I got the scope. Software version:, DSP: 00.00, FPGA: 02.00, HardVersion: 58.