TechoTrend Premium C-2300 Hybrid

PC-card for digital cable TV DVB-C and analog TV

model: TT-premium C-2300

form factor: PCI card

serial number (on the box): 2022032402002554

tested on: FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Xubuntu,

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History / work log

2021-09-29: I re-created this page on my self-hosted web server.

2012-08-17: today I installed the C-2300 card into the v7 machine, in the bottom PCI slot. I only installed the card, not the extra PCI bracket with more ports on.

2012-08-13: test machine: the v7 machine has 2 x PCI slots and can be used for testing. It might need a separate gfx card (PCI Express).

2012-08-13: I fetched the card at the local post office (I got a call earlier in the day; they tried delivering the package to my home while I was at work). The package was stamped "ikke tollpliktig" (or "no duty"), which is nice. Contents of the package:

1 x PCI card, TT C-2300
1 x extension card (with more connectors for extra inputs and outputs)
1 x brief manual
1 x CD rom

2012-08-04: I ordered a TechnoTrend premium C-2300 card (without retailbox) from DVBshop, for 8,39 EUR, and shipping 19 EUR, handling fee (PayPal) 0,68 EUR. A total of 28.07 EUR, or NOK 216.98 (via PayPal).