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2020-12-20: I created this page.

2020-12-19:at Bitraf, I installed the Pi 4 in the Pi Case 40, easy enough. The only part not clearly explained was if the protective plastic film (blue on one side, clear on the other) needed to be removed from the thermal pad when installing, but I removed both of them.

2020-12-19: from Digital Impuls, I bought a Raspberry Pi 4 8 GB RAM (147068) NOK 988.-, and a power supply black (145355) NOK 149.- a total of NOK 1137.-

2020-12-18: today at 14:31 local time the package was delivered to my local UPS access point, and I collected it from there later in the evening.

2020-12-17: UPS has started shipping my package.

2020-12-08: I got a message from the project telling me that my order was prepared and would ship out soon. The tracking label was created on November 30th, 2020, according to shippers (UPS) tracking.

2020-09-11: the project sent out a survey via BackerKit. I responded to the survey.

2020-08-19: the project was funded, my pledge was collected.

2020-08-12: I backed the project, pledged Euro 28.- for a reward of 1 x Pi Case 40 (Kickstarter Price) Euro 23.-, and shipping Euro 5.- with estimated delivery September 2020.