Kickstarter - Pairs: A New Classic Pub Game

Project name: Pairs: A New Classic Pub Game

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2021-08-14: I re-created this page on my self-hosted web server.

2014-10-23: today I got the package in the mail (directly into my mailbox). Contents: 2 x card decks, 2 x stickers, 2 x blank cards, 1 x card describing Flip - a game with ten dice. The cards are beautiful.

2014-08-23: I got a "shipping soon" note from the project.

2014-04-09: the project sent out the reward survey, and I responded. For deck 1 I selected "Name of the Wind (Shane Tyree)", for deck 2 "Professor Elemental (Cheyenne Wright)".

2014-03-15: the project was funded.

2014-02-23: I pledged USD 24.- plus USD 7.- in shipping, USD 31.- in total, with a reward of "Two Decks: You like this game even more! Backers at this level will receive two decks and a sticker.", estimated delivery August 2014.