Kickstarter - BlinkyTape: The LED Strip Reinvented

Project name: BlinkyTape: The LED Strip Reinvented

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History: 2021-08-14: I re-created this page on my self-hosted web server.

2013-12-05: I picked up my package today at the local PIB, RIMI Trondheimsveien, after the tracking number showed it had arrived. It was a nice blue cardboard box with "BlinkyTape" and "by Blinkinlabs" on it. Inside was 1 x BlinkyTape, 1 x usb cable, 1 pair of Trippy Glasses. Cool.

2013-12-02: I received a shipping notice (and tracking number) in my email. The package was sent from Singapore on 2013-11-22, according to the tracking info.

2013-10-15: new website:

2013-10-05: the delivery survey was sent out, and I promptly responded.

2013-06-12: the project was funded.

2013-06-09: I backed the project with USD 75.- the reward is "BLINKIN' AWESOME: One genuine BlinkyTape, a full meter of USB controlled LED lights in a flexible, waterproof housing. Includes a USB cable and one pair of Trippy Glasses." estimated delivery is September 2013.