Czurtek CZUR scanner - win7

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software: 16.3.1111.2 (Latest) firmware: ET16_2016.11.4B (SPI) - was: ET16_2016.9.10A (SPI)


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Work log / history

2016-11-30: using software - hard to get a feel for the workflow. Then scanning / preview step is easy, the rest not so much. If you have a book with black and white pages, but colored cover, how are you supposed to set up that?

2016-11-30: scanning - quite easy - position book, turn pages press button, wait until red LED is out, turn pages, repeat.

2016-11-30: firmware - I upgraded the firmware on the scanner. Procedure:

- hold "zoom in" button while powering on the scanner, and keep holding it until a usb mass storage device shows up on laptop
- Paste the file UPDATE.BRN to the root directory of the usb disk (use the correct UPDATER.BRN for the firmware version you want to upgrade to).
- Safely quit USB and Plug out USB cable, Dont disconnect the power adapter and do not power off ET16, otherwise you may cause unpredictable breakdown.
- ET16 starts updating automatically. You can see that red flash of scan indicator light for around 60 seconds.
- When TFT screen, scan indicator light (red flash) and power indicator light (white light) are out, the upgrading program finishes.
- Power off ET6 and then power on device. If the device works normal, it means upgrade process succeeds.

After the upgrade, the software reports Firmware version: ET16_2016.11.4B (SPI)

2016-11-30: software - when I start the software it asks for scanner or presenter mode, I select scanner. From Settings, System, I can check Software version and Firmware version: ET16_2016.9.10A (SPI). The software has an upgrade, so I do. After wards it reports Software version: 16.3.1111.2 (Latest) - oh well.

2016-11-30: scanner - I connected the scanner, powered it on and win7 installed device drivers for it.

2016-11-30: software - I installed the ET 16 CZUR Scanner V16.3.1111.2 software on my U35jc laptop. I selected English language, input my serial number, selected a folder to install in, and off we went. The software requires a bit over 1 GB space installed - large. After the installation program was finished, I unselected the two checkboxes and got a "MSVC100.dll missing" message. However, on starting the program it works without error messages.

2016-11-30: I am using my Asus U35JC laptop as the machine for the scanner.