Crowd Supply - FireAnt

Project name: FireAnt - a low-cost, thumb-sized, breadboard-friendly FPGA dev board

FPGA: Efinix Trion T8

  • 7384 LE counts
  • 8 embedded multipliers
  • 1 low-power oscillator
  • 1 PLL
  • 122.88 kbit internal RAM
  • Package size: BGA-81 5x5 mm

  • Board dimensions: 51.4 x 18.3 mm

  • Supply voltage: VBUS 5 V | VCC 3.3 V
  • VCCIO: 3.3 V
  • Onboard 33.333 MHz crystal oscillator for PLL
  • GPIOs: 35
  • LED: 6 (incl. 4 user-configurable LEDs)
  • Flash: 8 Mbit serial NOR Flash
  • Programming interface:
  • USB 2.0 Hi-Speed(480 Mb/s)
  • JTAG (with exposed pin in bottom layer via external JTAG programmer)
  • Development platform: Efinity Software

preloaded with a demo

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Efinix: documentation,


2021-08-01: I re-created this page on my self-hosted web server.

2019-11-18: I registered at Efinix. These areas on the Support part of the website requires a login: Efinity Software, Design Support, Knowledgebase, Forum. And got a quick reply to that registration - I'm in already. Nice!

2019-11-18: I created this page. I picked up my package at the local UPS delivery point in the afternoon. Inside a cardboard box was a ziplock bag , inside that a small bubble-wrap envelope and inside that a aniti-static ziplock bag with labe "CS-FIREANT-01" which comntained the FireAnt board and the unsoldered headers.

2019-11-15: got a "your order has shipped" notice.

2019-10-15: got a serial number for registration at Efinix

2019-08-07: the project was funded.

2019-07-20: I ordered 1 x Early Bird Single FireAnt x1 $29.00, header unsoldered, shipping $8, a total of $37.