Commodore Amiga 500

This is some of my history with the Amiga computers. The A500 was the first Amiga machine that I owned, I got it after having used a friend's A500 for a project and being amazed with the machine, both with what it could do, and how easy it was to use. Sadly, I don't remember what happened to this machine.

Some (random) facts:

model: A500

serial number: 275231 (Motherboard: Rev. 5)

floppy drive: EPSON SMD-400 (Serial #: A712 7657)


CPU        :  68000
CIA's      :  CBM CSG 8520A-1 (4889 24)
DENISE     :  MOS 8362 R8     (0388 28)
PAULA      :  MOS 8364 R7     (0288 27)
GARY       :  MOS 5719        (0488 42)
AGNUS  ECS :  CSG 8372A       (318069-02) (0990 23)
ROM        :  CBM 8748ED      (315093-01)

A501 clock chip: OKI M6242B

external floppy drive: SONY MP-F11W-50D

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1998-04-19: I bought the Amiga ROM Kernel Manuals + Hardware Manual 1.3 for NOK 931.-

1992-10-02: I bought another A500 power supply for NOK 649.-

1992-03-31: I bought AmigaDOS 2.0 for NOK 955.-

1992-03-30: I registered NComm 2.0 for NOK 215.-

1992-02-17: I bought a 68010 cpu for NOK 300.-

1992-02-10: I bought the Native Developer Kit 2.04 (37.4) for NOK 267.-

1991-12-21: I bought a Zoom V32 turbo modem (serial number 607255). Total price NOK 4759.-

1991-12-16: I registered DICE C compiler from Matt Dillon for USD 50.- and Mach III from Polyglot Software for USD 15.-

1991-09-03: I registered ReadMail 3.12 from Torkel Lodberg for NOK 200.-

1991-06-05: I registered ConMan 1.3 R2 from William S. Hawes for USD 10.-

1991-05-27: I registered CallInfo 1.3 from Torkel Lodberg for NOK 70.-

1990-12-21: I bought a Minimeg 2MB A500 RAM expansion, external, FAST RAM.

1990-08-06: I bought a Gary chip for NOK 240.-

1990-06-27: I bought a 8372A Super Fat Agnus for NOK 702,26.

1990-03-16: I bought a 8520 CIA chip for NOK 165.-

1990-03-12: I bought a 8520 CIA chip for NOK 190.-

1989-08-08: I bought a Navigator joystick for NOK 295.-

1989-06-14: I bought a Golem HD3000 40 MB hard drive (serial number 47485) from Absalon Data in Denmark. The price was NOK 6235.- including shipping.

1988-11-29: I bought an Commodore A501 512kb RAM expansion from Tessa Electronics for NOK 1390.- I think this was a A501 from Commodore (yes, verified).

1988-10-19: I bought a 300/1200 bps external modem named Discovery 1200C+ from a swedish company for NOK 1602.- including taxes etc.

1988-10-01: I bought the book "Inside the Amiga with C" by John T. Berry for NOK 230.-

1988-08-29: I bought a Commodore Amiga 500, a Commodore 1084 S monitor and a Competition Pro 5000 joystick. I paid NOK 7990.- a very hefty lump of money for me in those days.