Elektor Profiler - milling machine

This page has info about the Elektor Profiler machine.

Info about the controller board.

Links: Parallel port interface (PDF), Elektor forums thread (in dutch), G-code via parallelle poort: 3D met de Profiler (dutch), Profiler (blog),

blog posts: My basic Colinbus/Elektor Profiler,

arduino CNC: the begining, The G code interpreter,

stepper motors: ST4118M1206-A

The driver board has three ST L6208 driver ICs, in PowerSO36 packaging.

The logic input pins are TTL / CMOS and µC compatible. Pins: CONTROL, HALF/FULL, RESET, CW/CCW.

The EN pin needs special considerations.

The driver board has 3 male connectors for the controller board: HDR1 (40 pins), HDR2 (20 pins) and HDR3 (50 pins). Connection to the original controller board is as follows:

HDR1 - J3
HDR2 - J4
HDR3 - J2

Stepper motors: Nanotec ST4118 (ST4118M1206) NEMA 17 motors. Each motor is connected with 4 wires (not 6), the orange (A) and yellow (B) wire is not used. Note: X and Y axis motors are connected straight through, but the Z axis motor has winding 1 reversed. Home switches (Normally Closed) are connected at the last two pins (5 and 6 in internal connectors, 8 and 9 on DB-9 connectors).

Spindle: Ferm FCT-300


the kit, there is also a Profiler Pro upgrade, Ferm FCT-300,

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