Sovol SV07 Plus - assembly

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assembly of the 3D printer


2024-02-25: check X belt - i tightened the tensioner screw a few clicks, it seems better now.

2024-02-25: check Y belt - it seems tight enough.

2024-02-25: check bed - the bed also seems tight.

2024-02-25: check extruder - it seems tight enough for me.

2024-02-25: step 7 - connect wires 2. Plugged in all connectors, verified that the PSU is set for 230V.

2024-02-25: step 6 - connect wires 1. I had to look at a Youtube video to figure out how the extruder cable should be routed. iThe connecteors are labeled, so it is quite easy to figute out where they go. The extruder cable is secured temporarily with zip ties until I can print a bracket.

2024-02-25: step 5 - install Filament Holder. snap it in place from the front, place the lower tab on the back in the grove and secure with a M4x16 screw.

2024-02-25: step 4 - install Fan Kit. The fan kit is mounted on the back of the X-axis beam, secured with 2 x M5x20 screws.

2024-02-25: step 3 - install the Extruder Kit. Hold the Extruder Kit while securing it with 4 x M3x10 screws from the back of the back plate.

2024-02-25: I lowered both Z axes a couple of turns, then I could easily remove the foam block placed behind the extruder back plate.

2024-02-25: step 2 - install the touchscreen. Mounted the screen bracket using 3 x M4x16 screws, two from the top and one from the side. Mount the touchscreen and slide it down to secure it.

2024-02-25: step 1 - slide the gantry frame down on the base, and secure with 2 x M5x45 with locking washers plus 2 x M5x20 on each side.

2024-02-25: after clearing a space for the printer, I set the base on the table and removed two foam blocks jammed between the bed and the base, one on each side.

2024-02-25: I created this page.