Toshiba Encore 2 - win8

Hardware info on main page.

Work log: 2015-04-01: security - I removed McAfee, and let Windows Defender do the security instead.

2015-04-01: updates - after rebooting, Toshiba Servicestation has Intel Platform Installer V7.1.0.14) and Realtek Audio Manager v 6.2.9600.4179. I install Realtek Audio Manger first, it calls itself "Realtek I2S aduio" when it starts up. I decline the offer to "reboot now", and install the Intel Platform Installer next. and the a reboot.

2015-04-01: win8 - the wireless is a Realtek RTL8732BS Wireless LAN 802.11n SDIO. More info from device manager: Camera sensor(s): MT9M114, OV5693,

2015-04-01: updates - I connected win8 to my wireless. Whoosh, suddenly it started raining updates. From Toshiba Service station, I got Realtek Wireless LAN Driver versjon 3007.6.901.2014, 16 MB, dated 11/20/2014 - I installed it, it downloads first. Next there are BIOS updates version 1.60, 1.80, 1.90 and 2.00. I only install 2.00. The flash program (InsydeFlash) complains that it cannot run on battery power, so I have to unplug my OTG cable and the hub, plug in the charger to run it. It will update BIOS from 1.50 to 2.00, it reboots, and InsydeH20 BIOS Flash Utility version flashes the BIOS, restarts the tablet (it is black for a long time) and finally reboots into win8.