Acer Iconia Tab W511 - Windows 8

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History / worklog

2015-03-28: win8 - when powering off I get the "Preparing to update - do not shut down your computer".

2015-03-28: win8 - I updated antivirus and spyware definitions (Windows Defender).

2013-11-26: win8 - when I restarted the tablet, win8 installed updates - with several restarts.

2013-11-26: win8 - connected a powered usb hub, then connected a keyboard (usb) which made Device Setup start. When it finished, the keyboard was working. Next, connected a mouse (usb) which works instantly. Good.

2013-11-26: win8 - I ran Confirm-SecureBootUEFI in an Administrator PowerShell, it replied True. So Secure boot is enabled.

2013-11-26: win8 - I created a powershell shortcut on the desktop (allows me to use "Run as Adminstrator" via long press).

2013-11-26: win8 - from PC Settings, General - Advanced startup you can choose to restart machine from usb drive. From Troubleshoot, Advanced settings, you can choose UEFI settings. In UEFI Settings (5.0 SetupUtility), Information, it says CPU: Intel Atom Z2760 @ 1.80 GHz, System BIOS V1.51, GOP Version, EMMC Model Name AG8GCM, EMMC Serial Number F618AFC6, Total Memory 2048 MB, Video Memory 16 MB, Serial Number: NTL0LED00130803B796500, MB Serial Number: NBL0N11BBB30503E406500. In Main I can enable F12 Boot Menu (but does it help on a tablet?), under Security it says "Select Secure Boot Mode" and "Standard", choices are "Erase all Secure Boot Setting" and "Restore Secure Boot to Factory Default". FTPM Support is enabled (can be disabled). Under Boot it says "Secure Boot", "Enable or Disable secure boot check" and "[Enabled]" but it doesn't look like I can change it here. There is also "Boot priority order", currently set to 1 - Windows Boot Manager, 2 - "USB HDD:", 3 - "USB CDROM:" and I can change the order. Finally the Exit menu has "Exit Saving Changes", "Exist Discarding Changes" and "Load Setup Defaults".

2013-11-26: recovery backup - I bought a Kingston DataTraveler 111 16GB (38-5771) from Clas Ohlson for NOK 149.- I will use it for the recovery backup. I started Acer Recovery Management, and selected "Create Factory Default Backup", it formatted the usb memory stick, and proceeded to copy utilities and the recovery partition. It took a few minutes before it completed.