Acer Iconia Tab W511


  • cpu: Intel Atom Z2760 (Cloverwiev - CloverTrail)
  • LCD: 10.1 inch multi-touch HD Acer CineCrystal LCD, 1366 x 768
  • memory: 2 GB
  • storage: eMMC 64 GB
  • card reader: Micro SD card reader
  • WLAN: 802.11a/b/g/n (Broadcom BCMSDH43XX)
  • Bluetooth: 4.0
  • WWAN: 3G WAN
  • Webcam 1: Acer Crystal Eye Full HD webcam
  • Webcam 2: 8 megapixel camera
  • Battery: 2-cell Li-Polymer battery
  • operating system: Windows 8 32-bit (Version 6.2.9200 Build 9200)
  • System SKU: ICONIAW511.074B_1.00
  • SMBIOS version: 2.7
  • Embedded controller: 2.03
  • BIOS mode: UEFI
  • BIOS Version: Acer V2.0, 03.09.2013
  • Secure Boot State: On
  • software: Microsoft Office trial

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Hints: get to UEFI: hold volume down and power on.

Operating Systems: Fedlet, FreeBSD, win8, Ubuntu, Xubuntu,


Android-x86, UEFI and 32 bit: Don't ship 32-bit UEFI firmware on x86, Intel: Clover Trail Atom chips ‘cannot run Linux’, unofficial Debian i386 EFI images, Linuxium,

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2021-08-15: I re-created this page on my self-hosted web server.

2015-03-28: battery - when powering up today, win8 reports that it can't find a battery, and the red power led blinks. Oh well. A little while later (an hour or two): the red power led lights steady, and now Windows sya that the battery is empty but charging. Better.

2014-10-12: It seems like there are UEFI 32-bit Kanotix images available.

2013-11-29: interesting, if I insert a usb key with rEFInd on it, the machine boots it. Now if I could only get rEFInd to boot a usb key with Linux on it...

2013-11-29: I bought a different usb hub, non-powered (Deltaco UH-40B, 120220). It seems to work better: with mouse, keyboard and usb memory stick I can boot the tablet. I can press F2 at powerup to get int BIOS. I haven't found a "boot menu" key yet. Pressing F3 shows "Load File Failed! Press any key to restart!"

2013-11-27: UEFI firmware - trying to change secure boot mode: setting a Supervisor password - does not help, User password - does not help. Boot password enabled - does not help.

2013-11-26: firmware - installed 3G firmware update, the program was called "MU733Update_12., when started it was called "Update Wizard - XMM6260". It found the device and executed the update, reported "Update sucessfully", current firmware:

2013-11-26: bios - there is a new BIOS, version 2.00 (dated 2013/11/12) on Acer's web site. Downloaded (had to dl from, the NO site didn't work) extracted. When I run setup it says "Intel Atom Processotr z2760 Drivers" oh well. After it finished, I restarted the tablet, which then started a firmware update. The firmware update completed with sucess. After reboot and back in win8, Administrative Tools/System Information reports "BIOS Version/Date" as Acer V2.0, 03.09.2013". And UEFI firmware Settings shows: System BIOS Version V2.0, GOP Version 6.0.1032

2013-11-26: win8: from PC Settings, General - Advanced startup you can choose to restart machine from usb drive. From Troubleshoot, Advanced settings, you can choose UEFI settings. In UEFI Settings (5.0 SetupUtility), Information, it says CPU: Intel Atom Z2760 @ 1.80 GHz, System BIOS V1.51, GOP Version, EMMC Model Name AG8GCM, EMMC Serial Number F618AFC6, Total Memory 2048 MB, Video Memory 16 MB, Serial Number: NTL0LED00130803B796500, MB Serial Number: NBL0N11BBB30503E406500. In Main I can enable F12 Boot Menu (but does it help on a tablet?), under Security it says "Select Secure Boot Mode" and "Standard", choices are "Erase all Secure Boot Setting" and "Restore Secure Boot to Factory Default". FTPM Support is enabled (can be disabled). Under Boot it says "Secure Boot", "Enable or Disable secure boot check" and "[Enabled]" but it doesn't look like I can change it here. There is also "Boot priority order", currently set to 1 - Windows Boot Manager, 2 - "USB HDD:", 3 - "USB CDROM:" and I can change the order. Finally the Exit menu has "Exit Saving Changes", "Exist Discarding Changes" and "Load Setup Defaults".

2013-11-26: recovery backup - I bought a Kingston DataTraveler 111 16GB (38-5771) from Clas Ohlson for NOK 149.- I will use it for the recovery backup. I started Acer Recovery Management, and selected "Create Factory Default Backup", it formatted the usb memory stick, and proceeded to copy utilities and the recovery partition. It took a few minutes before it completed.

2013-11-23: recovery backup: an usb memory stick that can store at least 8 GB is required.

2013-11-23: first power on: I connected the charger and turned the tablet on (the addendum warns that first-time startup can take up to 30 minutes"). I select English for display language, Country: Norway , English as preferred language, Norwegian keyboard layout. The I get to accept the license. Next named the tablet w511, connected to my wireless network and opted to cusomize settings. I signed in with a local account. After win8 "taking care of a few things" I get a dialog box that looks like a error message saying "A referral was returned from the server." from c:\OEM\preload\command\alaunchx\ALaunchX.exe, well press "OK". Got a "live update" from Acer for "ALaunchX Digital sign Issue", which requires a reboot.

2013-11-23: unpacking - the box sports the text "Iconia | W5". Inside the box is the tablet,the charger, a cleaning cloth, a "getting started" leaflet and an addendum.

2013-11-09: I got a payment of NOK 1000.- from "Custom Solutions SA" with a reference to "Acer Europe SA", so that means I've got my cashback. Total price of the tablet now is (NOK) 1995 + 69 - 1000 = 1064.-

2013-09-10: I registered my cashback application at it takes 4 weeks before I will know if Acer approves my claim / application. If approved, I will get the cashback 6 - 8 weeks after the application date.

2013-09-10: This morning I got a shipping notice (email). Later in the day I got a pickup messages on my phone (SMS), my local post office (Sofienberg) closed yesterday, so the new place is "post i butikk" at Rimi Trondheimsveien. This afternoon I picked up the package at Rimi Trondheimsveien. When I got there it looked just like a mini post office, separated from the rest of the shop. Customers were handled efficiently and the queue was quite short.

2013-09-09: I got a receipt for my order (I got the order confirmation yesterday, right after placing the order).

2013-09-08: The Acer Iconia Tab W511 was on special offer from Lefdal (and one other store) this sunday, they wanted NOK 1995.- for it. I ordered one, and selected "speedy shipping" for NOK 69.- . Acer also has a cashback deal that will (if it works) give you NOK 1000.- back. We will see.