DracBlade SBC - KyeDOS

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Work log

2011-10-08: Initial KyeDOS boot, after flashing it to the EEPROM on the DracBlade card:

tingo@kg-home:~$ cu -s 115200 -l ttyUSB0
Testing for SD card
*** KyeDOS SD card operating system v3.01 by Kwabena W. Agyeman & J. Moxham ***
Type Help for command listing

Command Listing
<clear> - Clear the screen.
<echo> <string> - Echo the string argument.
<reboot> - Reboot the propeller chip.
<help> - Show the command listing.
<mount> <partition> - Mount the file system.
<unmount> - Unmount the file system.
<df> <fast> - Free sector count. F=Fast. 1 Sector = 512 Bytes
<du> <fast> - Used sector count. F=Fast. 1 Sector = 512 Bytes
<ls> <all> - List contents of the working directory. A=All.
<dir> - List contents. Includes wildcards eg dir *.exe
<cat> <file> <hex> - Print the ASCII interpreted contents of a file.
<cd> <directory> - Change directory.
<chmod> <entry> <attributes> - Change Attrib: R=R/O, H=Hidden, S=Sys, A=Arch
<mv> <oldPath> <newPath> - Move a file or directory.
<rm> <path> or <era> - Remove a file or directory.
<mkfile> <name> - Make a new file.
<mkdir> <name> - Make a new directory.
<cp> <oldPath> <newPath> - Copy a file.
<diff> <path> <path> - Print differences between two files.
<boot> <file> - Reboot the propeller chip from a file.
<filename> - Reboot and run filename.exe
<format> <partition> - Format and mount the file system.
<date> - Display the current date and time.
<time> - Change the current date and time.
<dump> - Dump the ROM font.
<test> - Speed test the file system.