Epson Stylus Office BX525WD

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2022-12-20: needing to print another shipping label. Lots of cleaning. Replaced Cyan cartridge, then replaced Black cartridge, more cleaning. Finally got it good enough to print the label and the document to put into the package.

2020-12-11: lots of head cleaning, replacement of magenta, then black cartridge. Just to print one shipping label. All the cartridges from the Armor package are in use now.

2020-02-23: lots of head cleaning and replacement of the Yellow cartridge today, just to get the printer printing.

2019-02-02: I replaced the Cyan cartridge, and cleaned the heads.

2019-01-01: ink cartridges - the package with new ink cartridges arrived.

2019-01-29: ink cartridges - ordered 1 x T1295 pack from B10213R1 - Armor Blekkpatron Pakke T1295 (2x14ml/3x10ml), erstatter Epson C13T12954010 at NOK 395. + shipping NOK 78.- is NOK 473.-

2019-01-29: my printer refuses to print today; it claims it is out of ink - Cyan. Oh well.

2016-10-05: an unscheduled power outage this evening required a power on of the machine after power was restored.

2013-01-09: Today I fetched the package from at my local post office (Sofienberg postkontor).

2013-01-07: had a nice offer on printer ink, so I ordered one T1295 Multipack (contains 1 x T1291 black 11.2 ml, 1 x T1292 cyan 7.0 ml, 1 x T1293 magenta 7.0 ml, 1 x T1294 yellow 7.0 ml) for NOK 450.76 including shipping.

2012-11-08: today print quality was unacceptable (lots of missing segments), confirmed by a nozzle check. So I had to perform a head cleaning (all colors), then another nozzle check, which showed all ok. After that, the printer prints ok again.

2011-05-13: unpacked the printer, installed ink cartridges, and used the front panel on the printer to connect it to my wireless network. pinged it to check that it worked, and use CUPS webinterface to set it up. CUPS found the printer right away (it uses the following URI lpd://, but it would only print with the driver "Epson Stylus Photo Series" (stphoto.ppd), and it only prints in black and white.

2011-05-12: I got the printer.

2011-05-10: I ordered the printer, it was cheap, NOK 840.- including shipping.