Dymo LabelManager PnP

  • model: Dymo LabelManager PnP
  • tape format: Dymo D1
  • battery: Dymo model 14430, Li-Ion, 7.4V, 650 mAh, 4.81 Wh (W003688, SKU # S0895880)
  • connection: usb

testing on Debian, FreeBSD, Xubuntu,

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History / work log

2015-01-03: I picked up the package from Dustinhome today, at my local PIB (Rimi Trondheimsveien). The packages contains 3 x D1 label cassettes (12 mm x 7 m). From the pictures on the box, it looks like 2 x black on white and 1 x white on black labels.

2014-12-29: I was ordering other stuff on a sale at Dustinhome.no, and filled up the order with a Dymo 2 + 1 D1 Labels Special Pack (5010813467) for NOK 278,- to get free shipping (orders over NOK 3000.-)

2014-11-29: setting up. The side door opens by moving it, the battery only installs one way (text towards the back of the printer, minus pole closest to the side door), the label tape cassette only installs one way (check if the tape needs to be tightened, clockwise on the tightener wheel). The usb cable needs to connect to a powered usb port (non-powered usb hubs - no!) because the label printer charges it's battery through usb.

2014-11-29: unpacking. The box is labeled "FREE Labeler". Inside there is the label printer, a battery, one usb cable (normal A - B), two D1 tapes (1 x 12mm black on white, 1 x 9mm black on yellow) and manuals. It looks like the second tape (9mm) is added later, it was just put inside the box at one end.

2014-11-26: got a pick up notice in my (physical) mailbox, and picked up the package from my local PIB (Rimi Trondheimsveien) on my way home from work.

2014-11-24: I found out that a "Dymo Labelmanager PnP bundle" was on sale, NOK 327.- for a LabelManager PnP and two tapes. Not bad, with shipping at NOK 99.- it became a total of NOK 426.- so I bought one from ps.no