Skantic B2010HD

I needed a display with SCART input for some of my vintage machines.

what values
model Skantic B2010HD
size 20 inch
format 16:9
pixel size 1600 x 900
inputs HDMI x 2, VGA x 1, SCART x 1, composite x 1
usb 2 ports
power 19 W

local links: Armiga, Tiki 100, Oric-1 48k, Steam Machine,

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2019-02-25: I tested the SCART input (called EXT1 in source menu) by connecting by Oric-1 via a video buffer to the SCART input. It works, I get a nice and steady picture.

2016-11-19: I connected the Steam Machine to HDMI2.

2015-05-11: I am unable to get a picture on the B2010HD from the Tiki 100 via the RGB-to-SCART cable. Using a composite cable to the AV input on the side works. Details on Tiki 100 page.

2015-05-11: power on. I used the remote to power on the TV. Holding in the button (back on the left side) for a few seconds works too.

2015-05-11: assembly. I inserted the rubber feet into the stand. Then I inserted the stand into the TV.

2015-05-11: unpacking. Package contents:

1 x TV
1 x stand (foot)
6 x rubber feet (for the stand)
1 x PSU with mains cable, labeled HuntKey model HKA04812040-7D, input: 100 - 240 V AC, 1.2A, output: 12 V DC, 4.0A. The output 
    connector has four pins - pin  1,2 is negative, pin 3,4 is positive.
1 x remote control (with 2 x AAA batteries)
1 x audio / video cable ( 3 x RCA phono female to 1 x 3.5 mm mini jack plug)
1 x quick start guide
1 x user manual
various other papers.

2015-04-20: Got a pick-up message, and picked up the package on my way back home from work.

2015-04-15: I needed a display with SCART input for some of my vintage machines, so I ordered a Skantic B2010HD from NetOnNet (197409) for NOK 990.-