Nokia VDU 301 S

Nokia label: Nokia Information Systems, VDU 301 S

voltage: 220 - 240 V (AC), 50 - 60 Hz

current: 460 mA

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2016-07-02: set up the terminal as console for the ND-110 Satellite today. It works. I discovered that the "C" key on the keyboard is broken, it sticks when pressed. Probably lacks a spring. Temporary workaround: removed the keycap.

2016-06-30: testing - pressing the "LOKAL" (local) button allows me to write characters on the screen - it works.

2016-06-30: setup - holding down the CTRL key and pressing "HJÄLP" (help) key twice gets me into the setup menu, which reads left side

"Terminal system"

right side

"PROMS: 729697H/729698H"
below that is the navigation help:
"Cursor up/down : next/prev field"
"Cursor right/left : change value"
Return               : select alternative"
Escape              : exit"

below that is the label for the Pushkeys, P1 - P8, these changes depending on which setup screen you are in.


General: select 7-bit or 8-bit, and Keyboard nation. My terminal is set to 7-bit and "Swe" (Swedish keyboard".

Display: rows, auto wrap mode, attribute mode, cursor, cursor blink, cursor style, control codes (interprete / display), CRT saver, Vertical editing, Horizontal editing, Inset mode, Roll/Page mode, Status line, Background

Communication: transmit speed, receive speed (75 - 19200) - mine is set for 9600, Data bits (7 / 8 - mine is 7), Stop bitrs ( 1 / 2 - mine is 1), Local echo (on / off - mine is off), Flow control in (xon/xoff, cts, both, none - mine is xon/xoff), Flow control out (xon/xoff, cts, both, none - mine is xon/xoff), Host port (RS-232 data, RS-232 modem, current loop - mine is current loop), Disconnect delay (2s, 60ms - mine is 2s), DTR on local (hold, drop - mine is hold)

Printer: Print mode, Speed (75 - 9600), Data bits (7,8), Parity, stop bits, Preamble message (empty), Postamble meesage (empty), Flow control, Print area, Omit print graphics, Send to AUX, Receive from AUX, FX-80 support

Keyboard: Keypad mode, Cursor keys, Download pushkeys (enabled / disabled), Cursor return, Click (on, off - mine is off), Caps at power-on, Break, Marin bell, Warning bell, Bell tone, Auto-repeat (Hz): off - 10 - 15,Pacing time (ms), Function keys (normal, VTM), 2115-mode (on, off - mine is off)

Tabulation: here you can set up tab stops

Pushkeys: here you can define Programmable pushkey strings for normal and shifted P1 - P8

Terminal system: update direction (upwards, downwards - mine is upwards), delayed character, delayed attribute, delayed clear, delayed rect rest, delayed vert scroll, delayed hor. scroll

Test: Test run, Save defaults. "Before test run install appropriate testplugs into connectors: LINE, PRINTER", "NOTE: Always save defaults after test run"

2016-06-30: power on - when powered up, the green LED lights, the terminal emits a series of beeps (key click?), followed by one "beep", the the green LED turns off and the screen fades inn, cursor at top left, and "LINE", "CAR" and "KEY PUSHED" indicators on the status line.

2016-06-30: this is one of two items that Gandalf and his friend brought me today. Just the terminal and a keyboard.

Keyboard: the top part is clean and has no markings or text, except for the text on the key caps themselves. The bottom has a printed label with the text

"Partnbr. : CEC121NO0001"

"Ser.nbr. : 10915"

"Order nr.: IJS 167793"

"Made in France (CAMBRAI)"

and a bar code label with "AF51305", "7842522928" on it.


The terminal itself has

front, bottom: "VDU 301" on the left, power switch on the right

front, right side: power indicator (green LED) with contrast and intensity controls below that. Below that the plastic "ND-logo Norsk Data" sticker.

right side. a sticker that reads "ND 200-0649"

left side: no markings, stickers

rear: a label "ND 110215", "VDU 301 S", labels for (from left to right): mains, kb (keyboard), mouse, printer, line

connectors for mains (IEC), kb (5-pin DIN), mouse (), printer (25 pin D-sub), line (25 pin D-sub)