Apple Macintosh SE/30

Apple Macintosh SE/30

Model no: M5119

serial number: CK9220K1KH1

Memory: 20 Mbyte

hard drive: 30 Mbyte


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emulators: macintosh.js,


projects: BlueSCSI, OverEasy,


Retro68 - GCC-based cross-compilation environment for 68K and PowerPC Macs,

Operating systems

System 7.x,


2021-05-12: the BlueSCSI project looks interesting Nice use for a Blue Pill.

2014-03-18: this evening, I picked up the package at my local PIB, RIMI Trondheimsveien. I had to pay NOK 133.- in tax ("merverdiavgift") and NOK 135.- as a customs handling charge ("fortolling"), a total of NOK 268.-. The total cost now is NOK 934.73.

2014-03-14: I got a pickup note in my mail for the package.

2014-03-07: I ordered a Macintosh Floppy Emu for my SE/30. The cost was USD 89.- and shipping USD 18.- (a total of USD 107.- which is NOK 666.73). Hopefully the Floppy Emu will make it easier to get files onto the SE/30.

2011-09-21: I bought this machine for NOK 400.-. The seller said has was the original owner, and had bought this machine for NOK 30000.- back in the days. The machine came with System 7.5 Norwegian (Systemprogramvare H1-7.5) installed.